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  1. Yet Another Meet Topic

    Count me in, if I'm free on the day I'll be there.
  2. Omg

    fordpartsman - those will be the same bl00dy insurance companies that keep your workshop in business then? And with the recent weather I would imagine it's quite good business too!
  3. Mk 7 1.6 Tdci (95Bhp) Mpg Issues, Anyone Else?

    What about those of us with the petrol? Mine is the 1.6L Duratec 16V Ti-VCT. Driving mostly A and country roads, without pushing on too aggressively, I'm getting about 43mpg (at least according to the computer). I haven't yet adopted a spreadsheet but the way prices are going that might not be too far off.
  4. Omg

    Speaking as someone with connections to the insurance world if your premium has gone up it might be nothing more than a change in the underwriting attitude of your insurer. The fact is that the motor insurance market is in a right old mess at the moment and contrary to what everyone thinks hardly any insurers are making any profit out of it. Quite a few insurers have given up hope of ever making a profit and stopped writing motor insurance. Consider the following: - aggregators (Compare the Merecat, Money Supermarket etc) driving prices down - credit-hire costs driving claims up (those people that sort you out a hire car at huge cost to the "fault" insurer) - injury costs have increased massively. The vast majority is whiplash and the vast proportion of these are exaggerated or made up - fraud, crash for cash and the like - insurers used to subsidise underwriting losses from investment income. Now there is no investment income to subsidise the losses from According to a recent survey of insurers the UK personal motor market is set to remain unprofitable until at least 2015. Now, I don't expect anyone has the least sympathy with the insurers but some chickens are coming home to roost. All the credit hire costs and fraudulent and exaggerated claims have to be paid for in the end and some insurers are no longer willing to write motor business for a loss. So, while the adverts tell us that our premiums can only ever go down the reality is there will be fewer motor insurers around and most of us are about to see our premiums go up. A lot. Do shop around, the aggregators and direct insurers are useful if you are a "standard" risk, if you are "non standard" (convictions, modifications, young/inexperienced driver and the like) your best best is probably to use a broker instead. But either way I think for most of us a 10% increase in premium will be the best we can hope for next year.