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  1. Focus Indicator Bulb Holder - Help!

    Many thanks to all who replied. I managed to find one. In case anyone needs one in the future it is: Socket-Flasher, Finis Code F4367318
  2. Focus Indicator Bulb Holder - Help!

    I tried E-bay. None available...Ive also tried 24/7 and a couple of other online parts finder/scrapyards and no joy. Ive now got my fingers crossed for help on here. £6 Certainly sounds better....Will be interesting to see if he can come up with that number...
  3. Focus Indicator Bulb Holder - Help!

    Hi, Thanks for the reply. Can you let me know who you called (Dealer?) about the part. I tried the local dealer (two actually) and both said the part wasn't available in isolation....only as part of the whole assembly. Also, what part description did they use? I have heard it described as both "indicator bulb holder" and "Turn signal mounting" Thanks
  4. Hi, Im trying to find a part for a Focus front indicator. Its the model where the indicator is integral to the headlight cluster. The indicator bulb goes into a smal bulb holder, then the bulb & holder do a quarter turn into the back of the light cluster. The bulb holder doesnt have any electrical connections: The +ve supply and -ve return are in the back of the light assembly, and the bulb holder just bridges the connections to the bulb. I have one of the holders (near side and off side holders are identical) and have taken some photos and put them online at: http://s370.photobucket.com/albums/oo148/Ewan_W/ without the holder it is impossible to put the bulb in. I have been in touch with a ford dealer who cant supply the bulb holder on its own. They can only supply the entire light cluster (£115 plus VAT!). I have also tried the local scrap yards, who dont have any Focus's in. Hopefully someone can help! Is there another ford that uses this holder? Is it possible to buy one? Many thanks in advance to anyone who can help...