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    Thanks for the Welcome, I pulled the fuse just in case it caused any further problems, flat battery/pump burn out/blown fuses etc. How will i know if it is just the circuit without paying a garage to take it apart? Matt Hello and welcome. Why did you just pull the fuse? Did you not think it was a bit strange that the pump had carried on? But i dont think it will need a new pump, as it sounds like the circuit has been broken and caused it some problems!

    I Have a 2004 Fiesta LX, the ABS light came on oops! and when I parked up the Pump continued to run. I had to pull the fuse for the ABS so as not to run my battery flat or mess things up any further. I have since had a friend run a diagnostic test which says ABS Pump circuit failue!!!! Can anybody help? Ford have Quoted £1000 for a new pump!!!!