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  1. Fiesta Lights!

    awww ok, I never noticed this, I have pulled it back a little harder before, I will try agian later and try not to snap it off haha. Thank you. P.S My Ford KA used to be pushn forward for full beam to stick on, pull back for flash
  2. Fiesta Lights!

    Sorry to dig up this old(ish) thread, but I done a search and didnt want to start a new one for a quick question. You know when pulling the leaver back and it enable full beam / High Beam, is there a way of keeping it on or do you have to hold the stick back to keep them on high beam? Just I am travelling down to my familys down south today and it takes a good 3hrs 30 mins and the A1 has hardly any lights on so sometimes require full beam for long(ish) periods and dont fancey holding it back for hours just to keep full beam on lol. Thanks.
  3. Immoboliser

    Thanks very much gents, once again your all extra helpful. :)
  4. Sony CD AUX IN.

    *Bump* ^^ any of you good people know? ^^
  5. Immoboliser

    It has been fine since lol, very strange though! Another quick question (applologies) When I lock the car, I press the lock button once and t locks, I press the lock button agaon and it loks and the lights flass Is this like a double lockk feaure or something ?? Thanks.
  6. Immoboliser

    I hope so... I mean, I didnt take AGES.. About 1-2 mins? at the most.. Very strange indeed. I will post if anything else strange happens. I was just thinking it might be immoboliser as I say, I locked / unlocked doors and worked first time? Thanks again, as always your all very helpful :)
  7. Immoboliser

    Hi everyone, only me with another question. I unlocked my car this morning, I took a few seconds longer than normal to get in and start the engine, when I did it would not start... could this be because I took a little longer than normal? All I done after this is locked / unlocked car and it started fine. Many Thanks.
  8. Sony CD AUX IN.

    I didnt feel like this warrented its own thread... As mentioned in the thread (I think) my Fiesta has the upgraded Sony CD player and I was wondering if part of it came out for when I was not in the car. I.E When I had a Ford KA the part of the radio / CD player with the numbers 2-6 I think it was, came out and there was a small flashing light behind... I always used to take this out for safety. Is there a part on this sterio that I can take out? Or do I just leave the whole of it in the car all the time and hope nbody nicks it lol. I hope that made some sense? Thanks.
  9. Well if it does have AUX IN like my car, It is as easy as buying a 3.5mm jack (male - male) plugging one end into the headphone socket on the MP3 / IPod and the other end into the car aux in socket, I got aux in socket in my new Fiesta Style but think I only got it as I got the upgraded Sony CD player? Unless it is standard I really dont know :)
  10. Intermittent wiper speed

    This was the correct info. Thanks again for all your help, It was on number 1 so going quite fast, But I tried it on number 3 this morning and its loads better, Nice to know I can adjust to the amount of rain :D
  11. Intermittent wiper speed

    really? hehe, that will explain it. I will test this out tomorrow. I hope its the case, silly me. Thanks very much.
  12. Intermittent wiper speed

    Thats correct, I have tried with the one click up, intermittent setting, and noticed two clicks up is noraml speed and so on, I have actually got a small dial type thing on the wiper control?? It is numbered 1 to 6... I thought this was for the rain sensing thingy though? (which I dont have) I think your all right though maybe I should have a little more than just a skim through the manual ;)
  13. Sony CD AUX IN.

    ^^ :P ^^
  14. Sony CD AUX IN.

    No problem, Thanks again for your replies. I was just unsure. Rick :)
  15. Intermittent wiper speed

    Thanks you all very much for your welcomes. I couldnt sort my wipers though :( I did exactly what Russ said but still just as fast. Does anyone know if I would have the option to change the speed of intermittent wipers on a Ford Fiesta Style Climate 58 reg? Maybe its only on higher models?