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  1. Thanks Jouxy. I went back to the basics and started to go through the fuses one at a time. I found that a 10amp stated as a fan fuse had blown. I replaced it and the wipers started to work straight away. I thought that the wiper fuse was listed as a 30amp fuse. I have a MkII Galaxy 04 130Bhp, Is the fuse identifier for the fuse box correct on this car?.
  2. Hi everyone first post here, But it's a fault I need fixing. I went out to the car yesterday, started it fine, then noticed that the wipers didn't turn on. Then I remembered that once the wipers wouldn't wiper across the windscreen unless the car was moving forwards (I thought this was really weird) so I tried to wash the windscreen and the wipers didn't respond at all. The rear wiper works fine. The fuses seem fine, I looked at the wiper motor today, It all seems fine at a quick glance. I drove the gear box with a spanner to the mid stroke, when I turned the ignition on, the wiper motor drove to the parked position but wouldn't drive as to wash or wipe the wind screen, Is there some thing I'm missing?.