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  1. How To Shogun Diesel From 52 Plate Mondy Tank?

    I was kind of hoping to save the diesel for use in my next car (since I doubt they'll hand it over with a full tank) as opposed to wasting it.
  2. My car's getting picked up on Thursday night after I traded it in for a newer model and needabrain here went and filled the !Removed! tank with Diesel today. Just wasn't thinking. Bairn was whinging in the back and I was low so I just went into auto-pilot and filled her up instead of just sticking £20 in. I've got a couple of 25ltr jerry cans but I just wanted to check that it's doable first. Can I just stick a hose in the filler cap and get syphoning? Can't believe I did that!
  3. Rattling Engine

    Finally got around to taking my car to the garage today to find out why this rattling noise in the engine has suddenly become so apparent over the last couple of weeks. He told me before even listening to it that it will be the dual mass flywheel but had a listen anyway and confirmed again that he maintains his diagnosis and quoted me £660 to fix it. I simply can't afford to pay that. I only paid £1000 for the car and have already paid out £400 in repairs since buying it so I have to draw a line somewhere and this is absolutely the last Ford Mondeo I will ever own. Never before have I owned a car that has shown so many common faults, so lesson learned. Thing is, when looking online, a lot of people are suggesting that it isn't always the flywheel and sometimes it can be a tensioner problem. Somebody also mentioned the tensioner causing problems with the starter motor too, and something I've been meaning to ask about for ages but keep forgetting is a problem I have now and again with the starter motor. Sometimes I turn the key and it just makes a noise like I was trying to put it into gear with no clutch while stationary or even sometimes just a loud whirr like a motor has spun but doesn't have a tooth hold on anything. It is always the case that if I turn the ignition off again and try it again it fires up no problem. The mention of the starter motor has got me wondering what the hell is going on and could this possibly mean it is a problem with the tensioner and not actually the flywheel? (I hope!)
  4. @mintalkin - are you sure the capacity of the engine is 6ltrs? I'm sorry to doubt you but just wanted a second opinion and the following is what I got. I asked the same question in my local Ford dealership and they told me not to put any more than 4.5ltrs in as that would put me over the max. I just changed everything this afternoon, changed filter and sump plug, and put 4.5ltrs of 5w30 Ford oil in that they recommended, and it didn't even show on the dipstick. I left it half an hour just in case it takes a while to drain through the engine, but still nothing on the dipstick. So I added the last .5ltr in on the basis that if that was too much, I would just drain some off. Just showing on the dipstick! I'm certainly believing your answer now but I'm finding it hard to conceive that the actual dealership would give me such wrong information. Surely they have all the service books there with the capacities in? He also sold me a canister type oil filter, even after I challenged him and told him I was under the impression it was a cartridge filter but he was certain that it was a canister filter. Low and behold, you're right again.... Am I missing something here?
  5. Ok, thanks for the oil info. As for the clicking, rather than a rythmic clicking, it just happens once every few seconds and the running noise of the engine changes before it clicks again after a few more seconds and goes back to what it was. The clicking sound sounds like a switching sound, just loud.
  6. Don't wish to sound thick but this car is the first diesel I've ever owned and I've just got a couple of questions to ask regarding doing an oil change. I haven't changed the oil since I bought it a few months back which is normally the first thing I do, I've just had a lot on my plate recently and that went in the box with the rest. I need to do an oil change. Is the procedure the same as with a petrol? i.e warm engine, drop oil from sump, remove filter, fit new filter and sump washer/plug, and refill with new oil... If this is the case then fine, but can anyone tell me what the capacities are and what oil I should be using just so I know what I need to buy please? Ok, secondly, I think my 52 plate 2.0 TDCI Ghia X idles too low. When ticking over, it sounds like the engine's rattling and about to cut out, but give it just a touch more revs and it sounds absolutely fine as it should. It also makes a really loud clicking sound when it's idling. Like if I start the car up and stand outside of it, I can hear what sounds like something clicking on and off every 10 seconds or so, and it's pretty loud when it happens. Very clear. Does anyone have any ideas about this? Cheers chaps and chapettes! K
  7. Wiring In A Tow Bar

    Thanks for that. I was actually looking for the colours for the car's harness, but I found it after a good bit of rummaging around. Nevertheless, that'll help when I get around to wiring the S socket. I just needed enough for a basic light board for now. Thanks again.
  8. Wiring In A Tow Bar

    Guys I've got a second hand Whitter towbar that I took off another Mondeo. Stupidly I didn't pay attention to the wires from which I disconnected the tow bar loom. I've identified all the wires of the loom to the pins in the socket, but I need to know which wires are which on the Ford loom going to the rear light cluster. It just has a straight connector plug numbered 1 - 6/7. Does anyone know? Cheers Kristian
  9. Spare Wheel For 52 Plate 2.0Tdci Ghia

    I called into my local Ford dealership who had a look through my handbook and pointed out that mine should have a 125/85/16 tyre on it, so mustn't be the same size. The estates are often different I think anyway, but I guess I'll go with that. Unfortunate part is I also discovered my MOT expired a couple of weeks back. Bummer!
  10. Spare Wheel For 52 Plate 2.0Tdci Ghia

    Nice one. Is yours a 5-stud too?
  11. Hi all, When I bought my Mondeo, it had no spare wheel or emergency kit as it used to be a fleet car so I'm guessing it was lost at a garage or something. Anyway, I'm trying to buy a spare wheel for it but I'm struggling to find what I need. The alloys on my car are 17" and the brake calumets are huge and look like they pretty much fill the wheel. They are original calipers so nothing's been changed, but the only spare wheels I can find on the pit are 15" wheels and I'm just not convinced they'll fit. Does anyone know exactly what size wheel I need? Is it a space saver or a normal steel rim? Thanks guys.
  12. Does anyone have a copy of the installation instructions for the aforementioned Towbar? I took it off a car that was going to scrap and I've fitted it, but I need the torque settings and can't find them anywhere on the net. I've been searching for over an hour now so I give up and would appreciate if anyone does have or knows where I can find them. Cheers all!
  13. Flashing Glow Plug Light Mondeo 130 Tdci 52

    Thanks for the constructive input Jouxy. @Mondeoman - I'm not sure that code reader will read my model's codes, but thanks for the advice anyway. As for a progress update, I left the car alone since it happened and it was my work Xmas party on Sat night so was in no state to drive on Sunday, but I had to at least try and drive it to work yesterday morning, and it started fine. No sign of the glow-plug light flashing and it seemed to have it's power back although the engine was making a seemingly rev related rattling sound which I didn't feel comfortable with at all but carried on gently nontheless. When I was about half way through my 20 mile trip to work I noticed that the engine was becoming rather boomy as if the exhaust was blowing. I got to work without any issues, and home again. I also went to college this morning which is probably equidistant really and got home with no problems but definitely noticing the boomy engine since the issue the other night. Took it in to my local garage (recommended by a neighbour) on my way to collecting the little one from the childminders and as soon as I told him what the problem was the other night, he said it is usually either a split pipe at the front of the engine bay (I can't remember what he said it was for) or the injectors, or the fuel pump if it was cutting out which it hasn't. Since the injectors have been replaced in November gone he said he's 90% confident they won't be the problem. As soon as he started the engine, he said he could hear it booming and said he wondered if it was something to do with the turbo or EGR valve so had a look then jacked it up and found the front pipe of the exhaust was completely broken and snapped. He said he wouldn't put his house on it but that could be the problem as a sudden drop in pressure would affect the EGR valve which could cause the light to come on and would explain why since it's been broken, the light hasn't come back on as although it's broken, it's a stable pressure for now. He talks a good talk, so I'll give it a shot and fix the exhaust and see if it happens again. It's definitely broken, and it's cheaper than the other fixes so we'll see if it makes it better for now. Fingers crossed.
  14. Flashing Glow Plug Light Mondeo 130 Tdci 52

    @Mondeoman - Where did you get the code reader from and what is the make as I'd prefer to read my own codes than paying someone £80 to make something up...? Is the work potentially required doable by a DIYer? I'm pretty handy with a spanner and have spent years stripping down classic vehicles and building them back up, but it's the electrical and measurement issues that hold me back. I'm simply on the bones of my !Removed! so really need to try and avoid the kind of garage bills reported by other Mondeo owners across the internet.
  15. Well here we are, I wondered how long it would take for something to go badly wrong with the car. As you may be aware, I have only owned the car since Boxing Day so right now I'm not in the best of moods. Was just driving home from Newcastle which involves about 20miles up the A1 and just as I was turning off the A1, I noticed the power disappear from the car and the Glow Plug light start flashing. As I still had another 4 miles to go I just eased right off and drove home as gently as possible and stopped outside my house. To my utter dispair, I've since looked in the manual and found nothing about this issue, so moved onto the internet and am very, very concerned at the amount of posts I have found in forums about people having this problem and never getting to the bottom of it, more often than not having to shell out thousands in the process. I have however just found a receipt in amongst my documents detailing some work carried out on the car not so long ago by Furrows Ltd in Telford, which sounds awfully relevant. It reads: "Customer states glow plug light is flashing and not running correctly - being towed in - customer authorises 1/2 hour only at £37.50+VAT to start - please advise. Carries out IDS diagnostic checks on vehicle for concern. Removed injectors for examination, fitted 4 reconditioned injectors, programmed to vehicle & retested." This work was carried out in November 2010, cost the previous owner £952.35 and the car has done less than 3000 miles since. I paid £1300 for the car and had to borrow money to pay for it so I am very close to panic over what the hell I am going to do coz I certainly cannot afford to pay that kind of money to have the car fixed, especially if the same thing is going to happen in less than another 3000 miles. Can anyone advise me on what I should do other than get Ford to plug it in to see what the diagnostics say? I can't believe this. I simply cannot afford to have a massive bill on my hands to sort this out.