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  1. New Dvd Satnav Unit Fitted (Pics)

    I'm a member of the stoc and was involved in a group buy for this type of head unit before Christmas, I have to say its a great bit of kit, the only thing that lets it down is the hands free
  2. Air Con Problem

    Yes the main radiator fan runs, even when the air con stops the fan still runs
  3. Air Con Problem

    Hi guys, yes the system has had a service twice, the first time it was done is when I went back to the same guy who did a full diagnostics with his computer to locate the fault. No faults where found and the guy who is a specialist has no idea what's wrong. Then 2 weeks ago took it to another specialist who checked everything over to find the system is holding its gas with no leaks. He found the low pressure was a little high at 2.5 bar so he set the machine off to do a service. After this service he got the low pressure just under 2 bar which he said it had to be. The car was sat for about 20 minutes and the aircon was working fine until I drove away then it stopped working like it has done since the first service, so that's 2 specialists who have no idea what's wrong
  4. Air Con Problem

    I can't say for sure if it had this problem before the regas due to only owning the car about 6 months
  5. Air Con Problem

    When the problem started it was 3 weeks before I got back to the chap who done the job, he said himself no leaks so that's not the problem
  6. Air Con Problem

    No it didn't work when I switched the demist button, opened the bonnet to find the compresser is doing nothing, but what's strange the car was sat on the drive for about 15 minutes with the air con on full, the car inside was like a fridge but soon as I set off driving it stopped
  7. Air Con Problem

    Where would I find this? Will it be part of the climate control unit?
  8. Air Con Problem

    Hello guys, I'm having a bit of a problem with the air con in my 56 focus st it's the dual climate control system. A few months back I got the system regassed due to it not been cool enough. After the regass all was great until a few days later sat at some traffic lights the air con stopped blowing cold. After a couple of hours or so it worked again but only for 10 minutes or so. So took it back to the chap who regassed it who did the relevant checks to find no problem at all, all pressures fine so no leakes, all sensors fine so no electrical problem. The compresser does as it should when the air con works but when it stops so does the compresser of course. He then plugged his computer into the car to see what's going on and nothing comes up as a fault and it detects the air con is on via the climate control unit but nothing, no fault codes nothing, the air con specialist is scratching his head at this, please any ideas anybody???
  9. I`m Back

    Hi guys just thought I would drop in to say hi. Have`nt been here for a while due to been the owner of a German car for the past 20 months, but now I`m back with a nice new car, Focus ST 2. Been wanting one for a while and got one at the rite price so no doubt you will be hearing from me soon :)
  10. Abs Light On Dashboard Mk3 Mondeo

    Also I`am wanting to know if the sony 6 disc cd player from a ghia x, will that fit in place of the 6000 cd player thats in my 53 zetec s?
  11. The ABS light is on costant on the dash. Before christmas a front wheel bearing went with no warning and damaged the ABS sensor, as the wheel bearing was been changed it turned out the hub was damaged from somebodys bodge so ended up replacing full shocker and hub with ABS sensor from scrap yard. The plug that conects to the sensor on the hub became damaged so I replaced it yesterday with a second hand cable from scrapyard to find that the serial number is not the same as the damaged cable. The light is still on. So would this make the light stay on even tho the cables are identical just different part numbers?
  12. H I D Headlights

    I have the HID 8000K H7 bulbs in my 53 plate Mondeo, all you are doing is just replacing the bulb with a HID bulb and adding a couple of more wires in the back of the headlamp. You need to make a slit in the back plate of the headlights to to make room for the wires that come from the ballest to power the HID bulbs. My car has just gone threw a MOT with no problems at all, and after running a car with HID I will always fit them to whatever car I own
  13. Mondeo Tdci Cuts Out

    Its ok found out what the problem was its the camshaft position sensor, and at a cost of £20 from ford can`t complain. It turns out its a common fault with Mondeos and Transits
  14. Hi hope some one can help with what is very large headache i`m having with my Mondeo. I own a Mondeo Zetec S TDCI, on a 53 plate. I have only had the car just under 3 mounths. In that time its had a duel mass fly wheel and clutch, new brakes and rear calipers, second hand turbo, alternator and now when i think everything will be ok it keeps cutting out on me. I have changed the fuel filter but it still does it. I can wait upto half an hour before it will start again but when its running its running great on tick over but will only drive a couple of miles before it stops. Please help because I`m loosing faith in ford after owning a ford for 21 years