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  1. My mk1 Zetec has a very perculiar complaint. A few days ago as I was dropping a friend home, as I drove off he pointed out to me that one of my left rear light had gone out. Being the same bulb as the left brake light the left brake light too was not working. So as you do I drove off to by a bulb the next morning, I fitted it in a matter or minutes. I then turned the engine over flicked the lights and the left rear light still would not light up, but the left brake light would. I've change the bulb 3 times and no joy brake light working but not the main rear. I tried the same bulb in the other side just to check I had the right one and it worked fine, both brake light and rear light.So the next day I took apart them back left boot cover and checked all the wiring which appears to the untrained eye fine, checked and no visible loose connections. I've checked the inside of the bulb holder and no issue again no corroding etc. Anyway, the rear left light still won't light up and It's bugging me, apart from the fact it's harder to be seen without it on anyway I'm likely to get pulled if it gets spotted. I'm at a complete loss as to what is up with it. I heard the whole rear light system is on the same circuit so apparntly it can't be the fuse? That's the only thing I haven't tried. But I'm lost, has this happened to anyone or can anyone think of a solution. may just be a common sense issue so feel free to chip in. thank you.
  2. No Exhaust Tone?!

    It's just an after market GT3 backbox with a different tip, I thought this would be enough but clearly not? Will I need to get a full system? Very annoyed! Looked for a silencer in the tail piper but there isn't one
  3. No Exhaust Tone?!

    Hi all just fitted a new 3.5" rolled tip backbox to my Focus mk1 2.0, drove away from the garage happy as Larry as to how it looks. However I notice no difference in sound at all, no sport base tone?! You can hear it a bit when you switch the ignition but it's no different to my stock one. Only driven 2 miles in it, will it get louder? Or has something been missed out, very puzzled please help cheers!
  4. Saxo Vtr Vs. Ford Focus Mk1 2.0I

    My insurance is completly legitimate, really not a good idea cheating insurance! I saved up lots to cover the insurance policy and for the car. And very pleased to be a Focus driver after all!
  5. Saxo Vtr Vs. Ford Focus Mk1 2.0I

    Hard work earning dolla and a Dad with a very clean insurance history! My Focus is nearly complete so I'll post some pics next week when it's done out the garage. Completley black out!
  6. Saxo Vtr Vs. Ford Focus Mk1 2.0I

    I'm glad I'm not the only Focus owning Saxo hater.!! Bit of a rant but I just hate chav cars!! Stupid body kits lowered to the point where speed bumps are impossible! It's definately a VTR i plate checked it etc. I've only had my Focus a month so am still getting used to it but i can do 65 in second no issue. I'm only 17 and moving from a 1.2 to fiesta to a 2.0i Focus is nuts! Can't wait to hit the big bills and get a Shelby 500 ;)
  7. Hi all, I'll cut to the chase. The Baddy CAr!: There's a saxo vtr 1.6 (Chav car from hell) that drives around my area, it's driven by a guy I went to school with from back in the day. He's lowered it 80mm all round?! The biggest mods he has done are induction kit and a hideous sounding straight through exhaust sytstem and removed the back seats and stuck in a roll cage (Which he will probably realise was as a good investment the way he's heading with his driving style) 60 in a 30 need I say more?, NASA have had quieter takes offs! But he's had no remap etc. So the extra horses intended probably aren't running at full capacity etc. The Angry I hate Saxo's car: Right I drive a mk1 2.0i Foucs, I have had it lowered 40mm all round have had a pipercross induction kit, sportex 4" backbox (no change to the through system)and st170 alloys that's about it performance wise. My car really can shift, and when fully serviced I think it'll be even better. He's offered me out for a drag race on a number of occasions however I value both my life and license, in essence the guys a nutter driving a car that sounds like it's running on rocket fuel. I've seen it go and I won't lie it was quite fast. Bottom line is anybody have any opinions on who would win should such an event occur. He probably has the weight advantage, but I know I'm running at about 140bhp (Minimum work done) He's looking around 105 maybe 110 being generous. (I've attached pictures of the Devils car but I haven't got any good ones of mine as it's just finished having work done.
  8. Ford Focus Sport 07 Re-Map

    You can get a re-map on just about any car, no problem with your 07. However depending on your fuel diesel/petrol you'll see different improvment, he sort of remap involving chipping works better as a % of output/consumption on diesel cars than petrol on the whole. If you take your ride down to any decent garage they should be able to advise/quote you further, good luck!
  9. Replacing Front Bumper

    Anyone know how to remove a Mk1 front bumper?
  10. Spray Painting A Door

    Hi all, I recently purchased my mk1 focus from a guy I work with. He's a bit of a doughnut, or at least his mate is as one time (Befor I bought the car) the passenger door was left open on a main road. Subsequently you can probably guess what happened next! The door was clipped slightlty but enough tor break the check strap and bend/dent the door in various places! There's no damage to the hinges or frame etc. I have aquired another 3 door nearside door from a Focus st170 in magnum grey, my car is black and it will need spraying. Has anybody used standard auto spray on a panel or door and has it worked? Is there any good stuff available out there for DIYers? Any help appreciated
  11. Which Exhaust? Please Help!

    Thanks for the advice, I'll probably try the 4" first. Probably won't make a difference as the through pipe is 2.5" on both
  12. Which Exhaust? Please Help!

    Looks good mate, did you notice a decrease in power at all? Obviosuly I want a good note but don't want to loose power.
  13. I have a 2.0 Mk1 Focus Zetec 1999, I currently have a stock exhaust and I'm looking to get a performance back box for the time being. I've been look at 2 types both from Sportex. I'm not sure wether I should get the exhaust with the 3" outlet or 4" Will I loose power through less pressure if I go bigger than my current 2"? Will 4" be too loud!? ANY BODY WHO'S DONE IT TO THERE FOCUS? OR ANY MECHANICS WHO FANCY A POP AT HELPING? Thanks