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  1. Hi All, Pretty simple question really. I have a 59 reg Focus and it's due it's 2nd service later this month, also it is still within warranty. In order that I don't invalidate my warranty do I need to get it serviced at a Ford garage or is it quite acceptable to get it serviced somewhere else such as Kwik Fit (they are a lot cheaper)? I assume it all comes down to whether or not they find anything wrong with the car, and if so that they use authentic Ford parts when they fix it? Thanks in advance! Jon
  2. Loud Ticking Sound From Engine.....

    Thanks for the suggestion. Turned the A/C off earlier and the noise is still there - worth a try though!
  3. Clicking Noise On Startup

    Hi Saad, Just discovered your post. I'm having a similar issue with my focus. Hav had the car about 3 weeks and it has been doing this 'ticking' / 'clicking' noise since I had it. I initially thought it was just the cold weather but now that's passed the noise is still apparent. Have you discovered what the issue is yet? I'm thinking it might be some kind of sticky valve in the engine.....the ticking is very loud when the engine is first turned on, but then dies away as I drive it, however upon careful listening you can still just babout hear it ticking away even when the engine is warmed up. See my post in the focus forum from yesterday where I write about it in a bit more detail. Cheers, PS3 NUT
  4. Hi All, About 3 weeks ago I got myself a 59 Ford Focus Zetec. Ever since I've had it, it has made an unusual 'ticking' or 'clicking' sound whenever the engine is started from cold. The ticking lasts for around 2-3 minutes and then just goes away. It appears to be coming from the drivers side of the engine bay and gets quicker as the revs of the engine goes up and slows down as the revs decrease. Is it some kind of valve sticking? I figured it had something to do with the really cold weather so assumed it would stop, however, it is still persistent even now. Any advice and pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much! PS3 NUT
  5. Chipped Windscreen

    Thanks for the info guys! My insurance documents should be waiting for me when I get back home.....I'll have a check and see what they say...as you say there is windcreen cover but like r0b3r7 says, heated screens aren't covered by my understanding. Don't think they're bad enough to fail an MOT, as I say they're not deep at all. One of them is in my line of sight but it's not that large.... I guess the the thing to do would be to just pop in to Autoglass (or some variant thereof) and see what they say (i.e. would it fail an MOT) Be gutted if it would as I've only had the car a week!
  6. Chipped Windscreen

    Dear all, I've just bought myself a Focus and within a week have 3-4 small chips on the drivers side of the windscreen. Can these be easily repaired by say, someone like Autoglass, eventhough it's a a heated screen? Or is it a complete replacement job? They are only minor surface chips and don't appear to be having any detrimental affect on the heating filament, but they are in my line of sight which is irritating. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks! PS3 NUT
  7. Good Evening!

    Dear All, I'm new to the FOC and just wanted to post a quick 'Hello!' to introduce myself. I bought my first Ford last week - 59 plate, silver Ford Focus Zetec 1.8 Litre. I'm dead chuffed with it, I previosuly owned a 52 plate 1.6 litre astra which I also loved but alas it's time was up - water and oil mixing in the engine - it wasn't well! Anyway, it's a good to be on board and I look forward to chatting with you on the forums! PS3 NUT