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  1. ( "IR" ) is for Iridium. If the glass does not bear the Ford logo, it is usually not "the same" as one that does. Even some of those which have the Ford logo lasered off (or painted over) is often because it was rejected by the factory (or did not meet the standard).
  2. Chip/Crack in windscreen?

    Rubbish. What he means is that it is not a structural repair. It sounds like it is what we sometimes refer to as a cosmetic or vanity repair. It won't get any worse (provided there is no 'break' below the impact crater but it will discolour over time. Swerve the insurance claim and find a decent repairer who will be able to fill it for you (as long as he does tidy up the crater with a tungsten carbide drill burr, and use the correct resin!).
  3. Windscreen Chip :(

    Any chance of an image?
  4. Windscreen Chip :(

    It's not just here, it is quite widespread. Even when you present hard, carved in stone facts, some people just do not like being wrong. Better to be right, or benefit from another's experience.
  5. Windscreen Chip :(

    Where does the OP say that? AFAICS, he hasn't updated?? In any case, for the benefit of those reading, a couple of myths need clarifying to stop the spread of Chinese Whispers.
  6. Windscreen Chip :(

    Link to the facts from earlier statement, please. Ta.
  7. Windscreen Chip :(

    OE windscreens are made under license. The OEM is contracted to manufacture the windscreens and glass products. The car manufacturer logos are part of the 'silkprint' painted on during the manufacturing process. Not after.
  8. Windscreen Chip :(

    Debate, maybe; why would it be heated?
  9. Windscreen Chip :(

    No argument from me. let's see some facts: you say manufacturers are, "not allowed" to print logos on glass. Can you support this with anything?
  10. Windscreen Chip :(

    The damage is repairable, so why register a claim on your history? There will be an impact on NCD with some policies, while others will load your premium on renewal after making a claim. More and more insurers are asking for disclosure of ALL recent claims (and some proposals have been refused, or policies canceled after glass claims were not disclosed). In any case, a new windscreen will be just a new windscreen. It won't be a genuine part and it'll be a bit of a lottery as to who comes out on the day to fit it.
  11. Windscreen Chip :(

    If it does not bear the (car) manufacturer logo, it is not like-for-like. It probably wasn't even made in the same country, never mind plant.
  12. Windscreen Chip :(

    Whereabouts are you? I can recommend a couple of people, but it would depend on your location...
  13. Windscreen Chip :(

    It sounds like a scuff, or the glass has been shelled; it's not a structural repair, more a cosmetic one.
  14. Windscreen Chip :(

    Don't judge repairs on what you might have seen. Generally speaking, most of the replacement fitters aren't very good at repairing damaged windscreens. http://www.glasstecpaul.com/botched-windscreen-repair/ http://www.glasstecpaul.com/what-isnt-clear-about-windscreen-repairs/ Also, replacing the windscreen could, potentially, open another can of worms; will the glass be a genuine Ford branded windscreen? And who will be fitting it? Will he be up to the job? http://www.glasstecpaul.com/see-the-windscreen-as-the-last-line-of-defence/ http://www.glasstecpaul.com/wrong-windscreen-fitted-to-car/ (Mods: links are not commercial)
  15. Windscreen Replacement

    swift cover? AXA?