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  1. Warranty? Whats Not Covered?

    As long as it less than 3 years old and less than 60,000 miles it should be covered, they have changeg from a flexible cable to a solid one, also you dont remove dash to replace, you certainly would,nt get that for £102 it would be more like £500 if that had to happen.
  2. Speedo And Eningie Troubles

    Hi, the problem will lie with the speedo sensor in the gearbox, it is a hall effect sensor (has no moving parts) this will cause the speedo to drop the odometer to show dashes and the engine management has no speed information this causes the vehicle to stall, this has nothing to do with the other problems, they are difficult to remove from the gearbox. Hope this helps.
  3. Mk7 Fiesta Daytime Running Lights

    Daytime running lights are turned on through the body control module and have to be programmed through a dealer
  4. Condensation

    If the Focus is the earlier model, when replacing the filter it should have had a new seal and fixing kit or the water will get behind the paneland into the car. Jouxy
  5. Reversing Light Switch Location

    Depending on whether it is a IB5 or MTX 75 gearbox it will be on the front or on the top. Hope this help Jouxy
  6. Servicing does not include stripping suspension items, some services do not even include taking off the wheels, as for the warranty, most dealers lose when it comes to claiming for warranty issues,you get 1 year comprehensive warranty and 2 yeras extended which does not include all items.
  7. Seat Heaters

    Not what I know of, you could think of inserting a variable resister in line.
  8. Fuse listings are poor plus sorry for the info I thought you had later shape galaxy, if you need any more fuse info let me know
  9. S-Max Starting Problems

    Hi, firstly alarm service required means there is a fault with the system, this will either be the alarm siren or the interior scanners. Secondly the starting may well be due to low battery voltage as indicated on the dash.There are so many modules on the vehicle if the vehicledoes not see a good 12 volts on cranking it will crank but there will be insufficient power to engine management. Jouxy
  10. Head gasket failure is quite common on the rocam unit, our dealership has done several.
  11. Rear Door Locks

    Most likely both door lock motors have failed, replaced quite a few
  12. Seat Heaters

    The air-bag circuit is completely separate from the heated seats, most seats I have worked on do get uncomfortably hot after a while, my mondeo does,I leave them on and then turn off when i've had enough.