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  1. Premium for me, at the end of the day petrol is petrol assuming like for like but premium is more refined /filtered so it keeps the system cleaner.
  2. When I maintained fleet vehicles we told the drivers not to fit locking caps as when a thief wanted petrol when a locking cap was fitted they would just make a hole in the tank and the loss of a few gallons of petrol was cheaper than having to fit a new tank.
  3. It all depends on the type of usage whether it was 50 one mile trips or one 50 mile trip. If it was 50 one mile trips then it would certainly need an oil change.
  4. It has both either digital or analogue
  5. My car won't play music via bluetooth I have to use the usb cable.
  6. My car did that the first week That I bought it. It was worrying as it happened at night and I couldn't switch it off and was worried in case I had a flat battery in the morning. After about 10 mins it shut itself down and when I went back to the car and switched the ignition on everything was back to normal. Luckily its been ok since as I've never been shown how to reset it.
  7. My apps are only visible when the usb lead is plugged in.
  8. That's about the same as mine, there's always a bit of backlash in a diff .
  9. Ford are no different to any other car manufacturer, they all rip off the customers. A simple thing like a relay unit costs around £45 when the equivalent relay at Maplins costs £6, I could go on at length ,it makes me sick.
  10. I cannot play music from my phone via bluetooth, I have to use the USB cable.
  11. Exactly the same problem here, I've only had it happen once and luckily it's not happened since. I was unplugging the USB stick when it happened , probably just a coincidence. I'm just glad it put itself right. I've got a 2018 Ecosport but I'm guessing the sync 3 touch screen is the same.
  12. My spotify only works when the USB lead is plugged in, in fact I can only get access to my apps when plugged in.
  13. I just use a Faraday pouch they work perfectly, they're very cheap and are no trouble to use.
  14. Doesn't seem very safe to me there's nothing to stop them being stolen, I much prefer the double sided tape as it really sticks.