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  1. billyboy

    Capless Fuel Problem

    I had the same problem. I did exactly as the handbook said i.e. I inserted the nozzle to the first notch and it kept cutting out, eventually I inserted the nozzle to the second notch and , hey presto, it works fine.
  2. billyboy

    Lower door trims

    The warped panels were fitted free under warranty. The car was in the garage for i hr.
  3. 1962 consul 315 Classic 1966 Zephyr 4 1981 Escort GL 1983 Sierra 2.0 lt GL Auto 1987 Sierra 2.0 GL 1996 Fiesta Ghia 1998 Escort GL 2001 Mondeo 2.0 ltr GLX Auto 2008 Fusion + 1.6 ltr diesel 2018 Ecosport 1 ltr Titanium ecoboost
  4. billyboy

    Lower door trims

    Hi , I just wondered if anyone knows how the door trims are held in place. The black panels at the bottom of the door, until one of mine started to come away I always thought the bottom of the door was painted black but no it's plastic trim.It feels as though it's some kind of double sided tape.The car is only two weeks old but I thought if it was a simple job I'd do it myself rather than book it in for a couple of days just for a simple job.
  5. Hi Zaph, have you done it yet and if so was it straight forward, I've just bought a nearly new ecosport and I don't want to mess things up.
  6. billyboy

    Eng warning and limp mode

    This happened to me and it took me 4 years to find out what the problem was, even the garage didn't know, it turned out to be the heater/glow plug relay, the brown one under the bonnet.