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  1. I should ask a friend to have a drive and let them tell you what they think.
  2. Have you tried opening the door without the key in your pocket because you do not have to unlock the car to open the back door if you have the key with you.
  3. I find these aids very helpful. There's that many idiots on the roads these days that it's not possible to see everything whilst watching the car in front and looking out for people playing with there mobile phones whilst crossing the road.I've been driving for 55 years and 54 of those was without any aids but it's nice to have them, on the odd occasion I find them annoying but I wouldn't be without them now.
  4. I'm afraid my Ford fusion keys are nothing like that
  5. No I'm afraid it does not, I was disappointed to find that out as most cars do these days.
  6. I had this problem once. All the fuses were ok but one had been put back in the wrong place.
  7. My guess is it's because it includes the other parties that have agreed to vote with them like the ones in northern Ireland
  8. I have never run mine to zero, I always fill up when it says 50 miles left and give or take a fraction of a litre it takes 46 litres and 50 miles left should be roughly 5 litres, so yes it would be about 52 litres.
  9. I didn't trust the cars Mpg so I've just worked it out manually as I have always kept my fuel records and it worked out at 41.46 the cars display said 41.5 so it seems pretty accurate to me and that was for the worst month this season with quite a few days of hard frost. My Titanium is a 1ltr manual . A lot depends on how you drive, I was a chauffeur for most of my working life, retired now but I still drive the same.
  10. It's a Ford invention and they have the copyright other cars will have it when the copyright runs out.
  11. It took me a long time to see my glow plug light It only flashes briefly for less than a second, I have to watch the light as I switch the ignition on.
  12. Just inflate all the tyres to the correct pressures and hold the reset button.
  13. Just keep pressing the return button ( the one on the left) until you get the picture of the car then press the down button ( the one at the bottom) twice.
  14. What about the filter, is it on the input side or the output side, I always thought it was on the input side.Surely the leaf would dry up eventually and get smashed to powder and pass through
  15. They used to wear nice and even and I used to get 24000 miles out of them.The ride was a little bit harder but not much difference/ .