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  1. Didn't the AA say what was wrong with the engine to lose compression, burnt out valve, piston or head gasket. It's strange they say it needs a new engine without saying what's wrong. If it was my car I would want to know why it failed.
  2. What do you mean by ' failed ' I have the same engine in my 2018 car , 17,000 miles, and it's as sweet as a nut.
  3. I've had a similar problem so I just switch to low sensitivity mode when leaving the car, I don't know if your model has that option.
  4. Tricks of the trade I guess.
  5. It says on the cap, DOT4, surely that's brake fluid.
  6. I know it's a common problem, one of my mirrors doesn't fold completely in but stops half way and just clicks. Does anyone know if they can be repaired or does it mean a new mirror.
  7. I had the same problem, only solution is a new door lock mechanism. It's annoying as the switch is a separate part rivetted on and they should supply the switch on it's own , it's a rip off.
  8. I should scrap it, it sounds as though it's not been very well maintained, oil cap missing from when you bought it and not been replaced straight away. Fan not working, that should have been done before it was used again. It's a good job we have Mot's.
  9. Doesn't the Focus give you the option to switch to a less sensitive mode when leaving the car, my Ecosport does it disables the motion sensor.
  10. Not watched it for years, ever since the Ex Soviet union countries started voting politically. I don't know why we bother , we know full well we don't stand a chance it's got nothing to do with the songs anymore.
  11. I can't think of a situation where you would want dipped headlights without the side lights so the manufacturers wouldn't do it.
  12. You say totally empty, was the engine knocking . There's only two places the oil can go and that's either a leak, and it would have to be a really bad leak to lose that much, or burning and as you say it's neither then the only other explanation is that the oil wasn't there in the first place. I should just top it up and keep a close eye on it.
  13. I've just retired after 50yrs as a mechanic and I wouldn't tell you to use it unless it was an emergency to get you home as it can cause more trouble than its worth. If you've only got to get to the garage then I would just keep topping it up. I wouldn't measure two litres of coolant I would fill it up to the top.
  14. Well done. Younger people tend to have more side effects , not pleasant but they only last 24hrs. it's a small price to pay for protection. the biggest problem with this virus is that you do not know how it will affect you until you get it and then it may be too late.
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