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  1. It's normal to get sounds like that after driving through floods, if the sound has gone I shouldn't worry about it. I would have gone for a good run to get the car well and truly hot before parking up.
  2. After all the fuss updating sync3 I have found out that all it does is add Alexa and the web site says to download the Ford+Alexa app onto my phone but when I enter Ford+Alexa in the app store it says it's not heard of it, so no luck there , it's in an American voice so I wonder if it's not available over here, needless to say it was all a waste of time as I won't be using it.
  3. Just done the latest software update. 90 minutes to download onto a USB stick then started the car up and plugged the stick in, drove for 10 minutes and then it said remove USB and stop the car and re start . Every thing went fine , came home and went to the Ford site and entered my log file and it came up successful, job done. I was a bag of nerves all the time I was doing it as I know that things can go wrong but nothing did go wrong every thing went perfectly to plan.
  4. Signed and three other members of my household have signed.
  5. Two separate pumps so the windscreen pump has nothing to do with the rear window.
  6. I've never heard of a Fusion Zeneca but the seats on a Fusion certainly fold flat.
  7. On my fusion It was amber from 4o down to zero then it changed to red but on my Ecosport it's amber from 4o and doesn't change when it gets to zero, no red.
  8. Still sounds as though the engine is no hot enough when you get to work, there could be a few reasons for that, my car needs at least an 8 mile journey I used to use a rad muff when going to work.
  9. Are diesels worse than petrol for spring failure due to the heavier engine as I have only ever had a springs break on my diesel and never on my petrol cars.
  10. I have exactly the same problem and it was the same on my previous car, a Fusion, but most of the time they are ok so I like them and wouldn't like to be without them.
  11. Brilliant. Yes that was another common mistake, I'd forgotten all about that one.
  12. We used to get a lot of cars overheating when people forgot to roll down their external radiator muffs when the weather warmed up a bit.
  13. They were notorious, the faster you went the slower they went if you suddenly took your foot off the accelerator they would sometimes go that fast the blade would fly off.
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