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  1. My 1.6 TDCi diesel was £30 a year. 119 g/km.
  2. I'd like to know why they charge 1 hr, I'm sure they must have the update already on a usb stick so it would only take them 10 minutes to install and 5 minutes to enter the log file.They must be ripping people off who are not computer savvy.
  3. I have problems with my parcel shelf. It's only a plastic clip on each side but it's very strong and I remove it by giving it a good thump to knock it upwards. If you look close there appears to be a little plastic lever that you press to release but when I| pressed mine for the first time it broke off but luckily the dealer replaced it for me.
  4. My Ecoboost badge is 45mm in from the door edge and 100mm up from the bottom edge.
  5. Thanks for that Stoney, I'll hold the wheel the next time I get in and see if mine does the same.
  6. I've been searching the internet and I cannot find the answer. Does keyless ignition have a steering lock . My Ecosport doesn't have a jack so I cannot test to see if the wheel locks when I lock the car. I thought it was a legal requirement on all new cars or are they not required on keyless cars.
  7. Just done the latest sync 3 update, no problems, 2hrs to download the files I don't have superfast broadband and ten minutes to update the system then back to the Ford website to enter the log files. Luckily everything went smoothly.
  8. Mines off most off the time, it's the wear on the ring gear that bothers me.
  9. Has it ever had a new windscreen fitted, it could be the windscreen seal. When did you first notice it, was it after you had some work done or has it come on gradually.
  10. I don't understand the link between the Hazard warning light switch and the radio.
  11. There's no cover there , isn't the mesh there to protect the steering column adjustment lever when leaving the factory and meant to be removed when you take over the car.
  12. I had the same problem but my fan continued to run when the ignition was switched off and the cause of that problem was a stuck relay. As a quick fix I used to tap it with a spanner until I got around to replacing it but if yours only runs when the engine is running then it is getting a false signal either from the temp sensor or a short in the wire coming from it.
  13. Premium for me, at the end of the day petrol is petrol assuming like for like but premium is more refined /filtered so it keeps the system cleaner.
  14. When I maintained fleet vehicles we told the drivers not to fit locking caps as when a thief wanted petrol when a locking cap was fitted they would just make a hole in the tank and the loss of a few gallons of petrol was cheaper than having to fit a new tank.
  15. It all depends on the type of usage whether it was 50 one mile trips or one 50 mile trip. If it was 50 one mile trips then it would certainly need an oil change.