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  1. mk4 wheels on a mk5

    Hi people. I have got a mk5 fiesta 1.8td and my friend has got a 1.25 mk4.Just want to know if my wheels will fit on his car and vice versa? Thanks
  2. mk5 central locking.

    checked the ones under the bonnet too.its only the relays under the bonet i havent checked but i dont know how really.Does the alarm have its own fuse?
  3. MK5 power steering pump

    is it a power steering belt? or is it called something else? a guy looked today and said its not the pump and that the belt needs changing and correctly tensioning.
  4. mk5 central locking.

    yes the alarm used to work but just stopped working,same with central locking.I have checked all the fuses to the right of the steering wheel.
  5. mk5 central locking.

    Hi, I have bought a w reg fiesta 1.8td (lynx) Its supposed to have central locking but its not working.The previous owner said he just came out one day and when he unlocked the car with the key it only unlocked the drivers door. The central locking does not work regardless of what door you lock/unlock it from. It also has a cobra alarm which does not arm/disarm with the fob. Any ideas?
  6. MK5 power steering pump

    Hi everyone.I have bought a w reg fiesta 1.8 td (lynx) It is making a horrendous screeching noise on tickover.I looked today and its coming from the power steering pump pulley. I do not think its the belt slipping. so my question is, Is this common and do i just need to get a new power steering pump? Thanks