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  1. Rear Wheel Bearing

    Hi all, After some pleb pulled out on me, causing me to spin and whack a curb, i had to replace both the steel wheel and tyre which got a bit bent. I also had the alignment done at a local garage so good on that front. But, i now have the rumbling from that wheel and some intermittent 'scraping' when braking at low speeds. I jacked the car up and found a tiny bit of play on the wheel itself so i assume this is a wheel bearing that i've also broken? Anyone have a guide to fix this on a 2006 1.6 TDCI with rear drums?
  2. Crankshaft Oil Seal

    Thanks for the replies guys :) As for the location of the leak, when i had a look underneath i couldn't make out the location of the leak. It had covered the underside of the gearbox in oil - i guess this means the leak is on the 'expensive' end to fix? (i.e. the leak appears to congregate on the middle to right side of the engine bay when looking under the bonnet)
  3. Crankshaft Oil Seal

    Had a small leak on my 2006 1.6 TDCI for a few weeks now which was diagnosed by a local garage as a Crankshaft Oil Seal that needs replacing. They are, however, saying they need to remove the gearbox, and have come back with a price of £489+VAT.... I'm leaving it for the time being to get a second opinion - anyone else have any thoughts on how difficult this could be to replace? Cheers
  4. Oil Leak - Help

    Hi guys, Had my 56 Focus 1.6 TDCI for only a few weeks now, and i've noticed in the past week that once it's parked up it's leaving a few drips of what i assume to be engine oil on the road. Now, i've been planning to try and take a good look at it tomorrow to see where it's coming from, but i took a few photos of the top of the engine seal tonight to see what you think. I need to really clean this up tomorrow to see if its new oil that is seeping out, or whether it is just existing oil that is being heated up. Should i have any liquid/oil there at all, what could it indicate? The oil on the ground seems to be coming from the back end of the engine, or at least thats the area of the undertray that it is dripping through. Engine seems to run just fine, and i've not noticed any noticable drop in engine oil level - so any thoughts or pointers would be grateful, particularly on my photos, as that has me worried! Thanks :)
  5. New Owner With A Few Q's :)

    Thanks for the reply Lenny :) I tried with the key that i have this morning, and i get the beep when turning from position 1-2 four times. So does this mean i have the 'right' chip in the key to program others? I thought i needed TWO working keys in order to program another though?
  6. New Owner With A Few Q's :)

    Thanks for the reply :) So, is the significance of the glass cylinder key chip that it can program the other remote (or program the remote)? How can i tell this, is the only way to pull apart my key? Eek... Is there a specific remote key that i need?
  7. New Owner With A Few Q's :)

    Hi guys, Got myself a 56reg Focus 1.6 TDCI LX on Friday which is great, just have a few questions if anyone can help me? (i've searched both on here and google and can't quite find the right answers). 1. My car only came with one key (non-remote) and wondered how i go about getting an extra key, but one that operates the remote central locking? My local Timpsons say they can clone the key for £75 - i wondered if i could get hold of a used remote fob, get timpsons to program that for me, and then can i setup the remote myself?? Help! 2. The radio (6000CD) always seems to startup at volume level 5, which is way too loud, but i can't figure out how to adjust the startup volume, anyone have any ideas? 3. Is it possible to buy the blanking plates for the roof bar mounts from Ford? The last owner must have had roof bars fitted and the blanking plates are missing so need to try and replace them. Thanks muchly! Loving the car, fantastic handling, great mpg and a peach of an engine :)