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  1. Hi Not sure if you guys on here know this, but the majority of the current Focus models are prewired for the footwell lights - you just plug the bulbs in! I've done this on my 55 plate Zetec and on two of my workmates cars who have 08 plate Zetec's. Just letting you know anyway as its a nice little extra to have and it only costs a couple of quid for the bulbs. If anyone else knows of any similar enhancements that can be made on the cheap let me know.
  2. Check Engine Light Again

    I thought only the 1.6 and 2.0 had a DPF?.... Either way you have just forked out loads of money to Ford to fix it and they obviously have not cured it so its back over to them.
  3. Boot Seat Conversion

    We have a 3rd child due in June. We did a trial fit of 2 booster seats and a baby seat today and it just doesn't work. I mean you can physically get them in (the focus is a wide car), but its just not practical trying to get your hands down the side and do the seatbelts up. So my car will be going up for sale in the spring. The ideal car to replace it with would be an S-max, but they are pricey. I might end up with something like a Scenic or a Xsara Picasso.
  4. Mpg 1.6 Focus

    The earlier 1.6 foci would do 40mpg no problem. If you drive like a granny then the mk2 might manage it I guess. If you drive mostly around town than petrol cars can be pretty much as good as diesel's. I've always found my diesel cars needed a nice long cruise to get decent mpg out of them. My diesel will do about 45mpg average (late 30's around town).
  5. Led Conversion And Other Mods.

    I'd be interested in the rear lighting as I struggle to see to do the kids child seats at night. I've already a rear light and wiring (off a mk1.5 Ghia), but I also have a mk2 size rear light as well. I'm very keen to get this sorted ASAP if possible. I've had the ghia light in the front of my car before, but it was out of a mk1 Focus and although it fits fine I didn't like the 1980's style buttons that were on it! :P I removed and sold it anyway. So aside from the ghia/titanium style rear seat light I'd also consider doing a footwell light which I though I could do by using the rear arm rest.... I'm happy to cut holes, but a bit worried about blowing a fuse with the wiring.
  6. Condensation

    My car is dripping water from the vents in the boot. Maybe its just the moisture building up inside on the roof then. I just cleaned it off the rear window with a towel. To change the pollen filter on the mk2 Focus you have to remove some of the trim in the passenger footwell. I dont recall having to take the glovebox out. I suspect that might be the ideal way of doing it, but we didn't when we changed mine.
  7. Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5 Footwell Lights

    Pictures say a thousand words - it is hard to describe, but you just bung the bulb in that holder if you have it. You dont need to be looking for wires etc
  8. Ford Focus Saloon 10/06 Boot

    Its common for the boot trim to let water inside the boot (above where the number plate is). So when its really cold this water will freeze and your boot switch wont work. Most of the time the fob will still release it though. Try removing the trim inside the boot and having a look to see whats going on. If its that trim that is leaking them slacken it off, seal it and then tighten it back up. Mine let water in and I ended up having to replace the switch. It wasn't much money and is easy enough to replace.
  9. Steering Groan

    I'd not mention the pothole to the dealer if you take it in to get it looked at. The noise could be any number of things though.
  10. Pop the trim off inside the boot and see if you can gain access with some mole grips or pliers? It might be that if you snapped the plate off and then got some increased force on the screw then you may be able to get it to turn. Maybe wedging something behind the plate might help actually?
  11. Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5 Footwell Lights

    You want bulbs like these: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/New-2-W5W-T10-501-bulbs-sidelights-indicators-bulb-/320603999058?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item4aa57ccb52#ht_2294wt_821 You can get LED one's, but I have found them to be no brighter and they tend to have a blue tinge.
  12. Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5 Footwell Lights

    Put your hand up the inside of the footwell by the centre console. You will see a little round black bit of plastic that looks a bit like a rawl plug. Bung the bulb in there! Its one of the little bulbs like you might put in a sidelight or your wing indicator. w5w is it? So basically it doesn't look like a normal light within the car as there is no cover and its not one of those little sausage bulbs like the other lights. All the Zetec Climate models I have come across have had this and just needed the bulbs pushing in to the holder.
  13. Engine Systems Fault

    You dont turn the car over for ages to get it going after replacing the fuel filter. Its an electronic, low pressure pump (at that stage anyway then high pressure afterwards I believe) so it is primed when you turn the ignition on. So what you need to do is turn the ignition on and off lots of times to prime it. Once you have done that for ages it will hopefully start. Mine did need to be cranked a few times, but you have to prime it several times in between each try. I must admit I haven't had the fault code reader on mine. I might do it next time I see my mate at the garage. One other thing is that my car has always had a slight hesitation at 1800rpm (only noticeable on part throttle). This always seemed worse when using supermarket fuel. Anyway that has now gone. Not just that, but it has always struggled to pull 30mph in 4th gear. It now does that OK. This is quite a turnaround after owning the car for nearly 2 years! As I said before though I'm not sure if thats the fuel additive or the new fuel filter....
  14. Engine Systems Fault

    Well would you believe today on the way to the garage to fit the new filters the car drove fine with no warning lights even when provoked?! So maybe the millers diesel stuff worked?... The fuel and air filter were replaced. God knows the last time the fuel filter was done as it looked minging. The air filter was black on half of it, but I've seen worse. Anyway I thrashed the car home and the light didn't come on once. B)
  15. Engine Systems Fault

    I have ordered fuel and air filter from Ford to fit tomorrow. Fingers crossed...
  16. Engine Systems Fault

    I'm no expert, but I dont think your non starting is related to your earlier issue. I believe it will be the diesel injection system will need to be primed up ready. I suspect there is air in. I think this can knacker the pump so be careful!
  17. Engine Systems Fault

    In my experience most mechanics and garages will only want to fit parts supplied by them. This will be especially true for cambelts. So yesterday I filled up and then put in a dose of millers diesel sport as I heard quite a few people use it on the forums. My car is smoother and quieter (I think!). However any squirt of the throttle now results in the warning light coming on and the engine then loses power. :( So its made it worse. In which case next time I think I'll fill up at a supermarket!
  18. Engine Systems Fault

    I heard Ford wont sell you the sensor's etc individually and you have to be a new pump which is about a grand. I managed to get my sensor from a diesel specialist place in Stoke, but it was still £108+vat. However all it did was change the error code (well unless my mechanic is blagging me and its the same code so I dont kick up a stink about replacing a sensor that hasn't made any difference!
  19. Engine Systems Fault

    You have a different engine to us, but yeah I have been thinking about changing the fuel filter. I'm confident its a fuelling issue (maybe just a sensor as it seems to still make the power). Just looking at any other factors here so in the past year my car has.... Split boost hose that was replaced Leaking diesel overspill pipes that were replaced Redex diesel put in the tank (in hindsight possibly a slightly high dose) Anyway the most recent of those would be the intercooler hose which was in the summer.
  20. Engine Systems Fault

    Looks like someone else also has the same fault at the moment as well: http://passionford.com/forum/technical-help-q-and-a/377218-engine-systems-fault-loss-of-power.html
  21. Engine Systems Fault

    Hi Google just brought me here as I have exactly the same fault. Mine does log fault codes when using my mates kit (he has his own garage). Your bog standard DIY code readers show no code. We replaced the fuel pressure sensor I think (expensive part) and the car is still exactly the same, but the fault code has changed. Think its now P0001 which is fuel injection circuit is open. Anyway I cant help solve it at this stage, but we should try and keep each other updated. :) Its doing my head in! Mine has done 128k - dunno if its a high mileage related thing?....