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  1. Hi there, I have a 2007 ranger thunder 2.5 TDCI and im thinking of getting it chipped or remapped. Could do with a little more torque and power but mainly want to improve the mpg. Whats the difference between chip and remap? Do you really get 40% better mpg and more power? What is the down side to this? Thanks Sam
  2. spanuel

    Should I Or Should I Not Buy A Ford Ranger

    Hi there, i have a 2007 thunder and im really pleased with it, yes it could do with 6th gear and cruise control but other than that i love it. Plenty of power and drives more like a car on the motorway. I tend to get around 30 mpg, i may look into chipping or ecu remap to improve this.
  3. spanuel

    Play In Steering

    Hi there, This time last year i took my ranger to ford for a service and complained about the free play in the steering and i was told it was within fords tolerence so they couldn't do anything about it, this year it went back to ford for a service hoping they could sort the steering as it has got much worse over the past year. They told me they cannot fault the steering. Not sure what to do now as the play is getting worse but ford cant find a problem. My truck is a 2007 ranger thunder. Any thoughts please???