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  1. tinybutmighty

    Changing Submarine Lights

    I've had a little search and haven't found anything, has anyone changed the bulbs/led's in the 'Submarine Lights'? I'd like something brighter...
  2. tinybutmighty

    Powerflex Bushes For Mk7 Fiesta

    Time to wait for my christmas paycheck, get it lowered hopefully ford will fit my bushes aswell then!
  3. tinybutmighty

    Powerflex Bushes For Mk7 Fiesta

    Never looked at bushes how easy are they to fit?
  4. tinybutmighty

    Removing Head Unit on New Mk7

    Thanks for the guide, I picked up my mk7 today and it has bluetooth and voice control but no usb... ive got a dension unit from my old focus so ill see what I can jimmy together