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  1. S Max - Most Unreliable Car

    I have an 07 Diesel SMax Problems so far: Steering Noise - addressed twice by garage but remains and I just live with it Parking light staying on - needed to replace indicator arm Flywheel fault - major repair on warranty Battery seems to drain at times Crap trim - this is something Ford is bad at in their Purchasing and Engineering departments - family cars need plastic parts that are far more robust! Alarm fault - needed to replace horn assembly Frustrating for an otherwise good car that can run well and be very useful for carting the usual junk that comes with a family. I hope the Ford engineers are reading this - I used to supply parts to them - they were far too cost focused at the expense of making products robust (as per VW and the like).
  2. Turbo Problems On S Max Diesel ?

    Thanks for the reply. I have since managed to jump start the car and drove it to the garage. It was the air inlet hose working loose and got it fixed for £45. If seemed that the hose clip was corroded etc - though I suspect it may have been knocked when last repaired. I hope this is now the end of the issue.
  3. I have a 07 diesel manual S-Max (which you have serviced a few times) and was driving back home on Saturday evening when there was a light thud and a whining sound coming from the engine when we needed power - perhaps the turbo / EG connector? The Engine Fault light came on intermittently and the whining subsided when cruising slowly - never went above 2500 rpm. The Ford user manual did not state we should stop the car so we carried on the remaining hour's drive home. Engine temperature stayed normal, no oil pressure light came on and there were no other noises or smells. I parked the car on arriving. Noticed a small oil spill on the drive in the morning - probably an eggcup's worth of oil. Tried to start the car but starter motor cut out - lights work but the battery may be low as the electric windows seems to struggle to go up and down. Today I inspected the oil level - it is normal and I see no debris in the oil. I need your guidance - do I: i) Try to jump start the car so that I can drive it to garage? (should i try pushing the car in 4/5th gear to check the engine turns?; is the starter motor powerful enough to damage the engine if there is a possible hydrolock situation?) ii) Get it towed - I may struggle with steering and braking? iii) Resort to getting the car recovered? Can you give me your advice and comments at the earliest opportunity please?