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  1. Want to replace the alternator and first of all need to replace auxillary drive belt on 2004 1.6. Haynes say turn belt tensioner bolt clockwise to release tension and then anti-clockwise when I put the belt back on. Is this right?
  2. Going to renew alternator tomorrow - is this easy in a 2003 1.6LX
  3. Sorry should have said that battery has been draining nd showing 4.5A on drain test even with all the fuses removed
  4. My 2003 focus has been diagnosed as having this problem. Are they easy to fit and if so where can i get it from and what will it cost?
  5. Temporarily put battery back on and locked and onlocked door. Took neg terminal off and again tested for drain - this time my dmm is showing over 4 amps drain - what could be the cause and how do I fix it, at least temporarily
  6. Oh and by the way the same thimg happened with a new battery
  7. 2003 1.6LX focus battery goes flat if left overnight. Tried parasiric drain test using digital multimeter gives a reading of 0.02A. I assume that this is okay and if so what on earth could be causing it to drain so quickly. Battery after charge comes in at 12.5 V and when running 14.4 V so alternator must be okay. Help would be appreciated please.
  8. I have a 53 plate Focus 1.6LX which refused to start 4 days ago. Put jump leads on and hey presto off it goes. Drove 35 minutes, parked up for 45 minutes and no problems. Came back home left it overnight and refused to start again. Took battery off, recharged overnight, put battery back on and it started no problem. Took for 2 hour drive, stopped for two hours, started fine. Drove back home, left it overnight, wouldn't start again - bought and fitted new battery - started fine - left it overnight - wouldn't start again. With the key in the ignition the only lights that come on are the oil warning light and a red light where the clock is. Any ideas would be gratefully received before I have to take it to Ford/ Auto electrician