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  1. 1.6 Tdci Mk 7 Cooling Fan Staying On?

    no it's definitey not normal as has continued to run and has now flattened the battery. Seems to run a high speed too much faster and nosier than you would expect a cooling fan to operate at. Thanks
  2. Hi, we have an issue with our Mk7 1.6TDCi where occasionally the cooling fan will come on and refuse to go off. It's obviously being set off by an incorrect temp reading as the car is normally not hot when it does it. it's only happenend a few times and I the only way I've found to stop it before is to get out & lock the car then unlock it get back in and turn the ignition key although even that has failed today leaving us no option but to walk away from the car... The only other thing I can think of doing is disconnecting the battery forcing it to reset. I just wondered if anyone else has experienced the same thing and what they did? Thanks!
  3. Don't Buy A Fiesta!

    First one was buckled on the outside, second one only discovered at the first service (no knowledge of hitting any potholes) and third one the tyre deflated the wheel failed so badly. So driving around with them buckled wasn't an option in our case, I know plenty of people are... I think Keith has missed the point here, no one expects to be able to drive around and miss every single pothole in the roads these days and no of course in an ideal world no-one would ever drive through one but surely the manufacturer has a duty to provide wheels that are fit for purpose. i.e. able to cope with the roads in the market they are selling the vehicles in? I'm not suggesting everyone here has had problems with their wheels but reading through the forums it seems that a good percentage are, so maybe if you are one of the lucky ones you should count your blessings and not accuse people who have had the problems of being negligent in some way just because their experience and view doesn't match your own. We will not be buying another Ford after this and yes you could argue that it's sour grapes because we feel let down but I'm sure you would feel the same given the same circumstances, there are only so many times you can accept the bad luck you must have hit a pothole line before giving up and thinking you'd be better spending your money elsewhere. I wonder if you also blame all the people who had problems with BMW wheels and all the people who've suffered all the safety problems with Toyotas recently?
  4. Don't Buy A Fiesta!

    Exactly my point, just because you haven't had a problem with your wheels doesn't mean all the people who have must be at fault themselves rather than accept there maybe problems with the quality of the wheels supplied. I suppose it's difficult to accept that there may be problems with your choice of car but giving future buyers the facts so they can make an informed choice when they buy has got to be a good thing. FYI our wheels were not the same as yours (same size but different design we had the 7 spoke ones).
  5. Don't Buy A Fiesta!

    Do you work for Ford by any chance? I'm sure if you'd had the same problems we've had you would have expected Ford cust service to help out a little, of course we don't expect them to replace all our wheels or even admit they have a problem but driving a car like a Nun because your wheels can't stand upto normal road use just isn't on. Remember these are standard fit wheels on the Titanium which isn't even supposed to be a sporty model, I could sort of understand it if we had decided to upgrade and fit 17" alloys to it due to the tyre depth being smaller but we didn't. Surely Ford should accept some responsibility for the spec of the standard wheels/tyres as they are obviously not able to cope with normal road use and conditions. No one manages to avoid all the dodgy road surfaces and potholes especially in the dark on unlit roads so the quality/specification of the wheels should be at a sufficient level to cope. 3 wheels ruined in one year in a car driven by a very careful driver (the wife) is more than bad luck, she drove a Puma for 5 years prior to this on the same roads with no problem at all and a Fiesta for 4 years before that (both with alloys). Seems like more than a coincidence to me.
  6. Don't Buy A Fiesta!

    Hi all, I'm glad my thread has caused so much discussion. Maybe the title was a little OTT but it was intended to get a reaction and see what problems other people have had with their wheels. What annoys me about Ford is their utter disregard for loyal customers such as ourselves that have been happy with various Fords over the years, I can't see how they can afford to ignore quality issues and leave customers unhappy. There's no doubt about it the Fiesta is a great car but the whole brand is being let down by cost cutting on the quality of the wheels they are fitting. How can a set from Halfords purchased at a third of the cost of a set of the Ford supplied wheels stand up better to British roads than the standard ones. (That's whats happening in our case).. :o)
  7. Possible Buckled Alloy - Within Warranty?

    My experience is that Ford will not help, hope i'm wrong but we've had this happen 3 times within a year and they haven't helped us!
  8. Don't Buy A Fiesta!

    Ours were 7 spoke 16" alloys on our Titanium and yes they are over £200 to buy from Ford. We've given up after replacing 3 and put a set of aftermarket alloys on ours. As I said it's a shame as it spoils the ownership experience of an otherwise good car. Ours had clocked up over 20k and no issues other than the !Removed! wheels. Yes I do think it's worth warning people on this forum as people do look at owner reviews before purchasing so if it helps people avoid the same problems we've had it's a good thing. As a matter of interest I also have an 04 Megane with the same size alloys as the Fiesta had and that's done 93k over the last 6 and a half years with no wheel problems at all so the Ford ones must be weak.
  9. Don't Buy A Fiesta!

    Glad to hear that not everyone is having the same problem, we drive ours very carefully too which is doubly annoying that they keep failing. We like the car otherwise and it's a shame that this issue has soured our experience but when it's time to replace we won't be buying another one, like most people we cannot justify the uplanned and unecessary expense...
  10. Don't Buy A Fiesta!

    Warning to anyone using this site that hasn't taken the plunge and purchased a Fiesta. Take my advice and don't! That is unless you enjoy having to replace your alloy wheels at £200 a time every few months as they are not fit for purpose. I've no idea who makes these wheels for Ford but they seem to be made of Cheese... Ford Customer Relations will not help either, just trotting out the 'there isn't a problem' line. So if you value your bank balance and sanity go and buy a VW or Renault etc instead.
  11. Another Buckled Wheel From Ford

    £15 to replace your tyre sounds like a good deal, tell us more?
  12. Another Buckled Alloy

    The size of the Alloy does make a difference as if you have 15" alloys as opposed to 16" or 17" ones you have 1" or 2" of tyre extra protecting the wheel if you hit anything. Having said that plenty of people seem to be having trouble with Fiesta wheels but they are mostly the 16" and 17" ones. I have 16" alloys on my Megane which has managed to do 93,000 miles with no wheel problems so the Ford ones are definitley weak...
  13. Another Buckled Alloy

    We've just had our third wheel fail on our 59 Titanium. We have given up and put 4 aftermarket alloys on ours as we refuse to pay Ford (or should I say (Fraud) £200 each time one fails. We complained to Ford Customer relations and they have begrudglingly offered to pay half the cost of this latest wheel but we have refused as they are clearly not fit for purpose. As far as I'm concerned the more people that phone up Ford CC (Tel: 0845 841111) and complain the more likely they will be to be embarrassed into acting. This is a safety concern as buckled alloys can cause tyre to deflate quickly and therefore could cause accidents. Please keep posting messages on the number of wheels you have had fail as this will add more weight to any future publicity and therefore help to force Ford into acting.
  14. 16 Inch Wheels On The Fiesta Titanium Mk7

    We've given up with ours and purchased some 15" alloys from Halfords to replace them. We replaced 2 buckled alloys at our own expense and when the 3rd one went (inside a year) and no help from Ford, enough was enough!! Our Fiesta is a 1.6Tdci Titanium and we had the 16" 7 spoke alloys so the problem with Fiesta alloys seems to affect all the 17" and 16" standard fit wheels. The dealerships claim that no-one else is having a problem with them and Ford Cust Service? claim the same. I think it's disgraceful that they can just fob you off when you've purchased a brand new car a year before and expect you to keep coming back spending £200 each time a wheel decides to buckle itself. Surely these wheels aren't fit for purpose? Ford Motor Company should be embarrased into dealing with this problem.