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  1. Why Do My Revs Go Up When The Car Is Idle???

    It gets better and better!!! Now it's just flashed up Speed Limited Mode followed by Engine Systems Fault!! I turned it off and on and this cleared it. It came on again just before I got home. Any Ideas and how much it's going to cost me??! Bri
  2. Hello, first post on here, I wonder if anyone can help me or has a similar problem?? My C-Max (53 plate)is sitting at 2000revs when its Idle. When I first start it up it shoots up to 3500/4000 and then goes down when I engage gear. It seems to be fine while in motion but when I brake this seems to increase the revs too (yes I have big feet, no I'm not pressing both pedals!!) I've just had the clutch and flywheel replaced which cost 981 euros before tax. Could the high revs have caused the clutch to go in the first place?? Is there anything that I can do to try and ID the fault myself, as I am now skint (see above) I can get it into the mechanics at work next week but am worried about making things worse in the meantime. Any Help would be massively appreciated, I am a car biff!! Bri