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  1. Hi Jason, Re the grinding noise, my daughter had exactly the same problem, except it only happened when turning left, (while looking ahead) It fixed itself when she went over a speed bump with 3 adult passengers and a loud crumpling noise was heard. But the grinding noise was no longer there when turning left. As usual when things go wrong I am first port of call, had a quick look under and all seemed fine. To make sure I took it to the Ford main dealer who had recently done some welding to the chassis to get it through MOT. I was half thinking the the welding had come undone, but all was okay. The mechanic seems to think that she had gone over a bump a while back and the the exhaust may have been dislodged and came into contact with the steering mechanism, the second bump then dislodged it back. Did your mechanic have look while the car was on a hydraulic lift ramp, if so get them to look under while the front wheels are in contact with the ground, they may find that with all weight of the car pressing down, the turning gear may be in contact with something. Hope you get sorted.
  2. Ford Ka Stereo Removal And Code

    Thanks Taffg, your help much appreciated. I have to go to Halfords (half her bulbs are missing!!!) and will do what you advise. Once I have serial no. I will post and hopefully get the code. Cheers
  3. Hello All, help or advice please. You will have heard this one before. I have changed the battery on my daughters Ford Ka, before I did I asked her to make sure she had the radio manual and radio code as the radio would not work, she defintaly had it all in a safe place, guess what? she is still looking for it. Anyway, it is a RDS 5000 Eon radio cassete. I do not have the serial number as I believe you may have to take out the radio to find this. I have approached the Ford main dealer, and having just spent £600 with them getting it through MOT, they asked me to book another appointment and quoted me another small fortune to rectify the radio. If the procedure is simple I will try myself. My questions are; 1. Can I find the serial number withou removing the unit. 2. If I have to, how do I remove the unit? 3. Once I have get the radio code, how do I input the code, (bare in mind we cannot find the radio manual) Thanks in advance.