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  1. Thanks guys i thought it was broke but as I do around 40 miles a week it must be low charge 👍
  2. Hi guys am I correct in thinking the heated front screen won’t work if the battery is not fully charged like the stop /start feature 2013 ecoboost petrol cheers
  3. Hi Guys when I put the wipers on the first setting after intermittent sometimes they go on intermittent setting,I have read the book and it says it will do something like this but to me it’s irritating as when it rains harder /drive faster the setting does not change back to a regular wipe , am I missing something?
  4. If someone knocked my car and was honest to say I don’t think I’d want to do it myself anyway,I’d accept a smart repair tho on a 10 plate car 👍
  5. Unplug the loom from the catch and bridge it’ tape it up tight and forget about it Just check your bonnet is locked when you’ve been under it that’s what I have done
  6. So there’s no truth in damaged ecu s? I was led to believe jump starting was a bad idea these days ,fair enough
  7. Smart Alternators push upto 18volts into a flat battery and then can push it back into the donor vehicle damaging the ecu apparently
  8. Hi folks I’m thinking of investing in a jump starter to have on stand by as having read reports of not using the focus to start other cars for fear of 18 volts shooting back from the flat battery vehicle. anyone spotted a good offer for one? cheers
  9. Thanks ,I’ll not be taking it to bits haha
  10. Hi Guys I’ve noticed in other cars not Ford you can play your radio and also have Google Maps from your iPhone speak over the top of it ,can I do this with my 2013 bog standard radio which I believe is Sync 3 ? If so how ,cheers
  11. Hi folks when I ask voice control to put “Shuffle On” it repeats that but doesn’t shuffle the playlist is it faulty or is it the usb ? Or am I doing it wrong? Cheers
  12. MrRedman


    Your Battery is probably low on charge(older)
  13. Your supposed to have it on all the time to stop the seals drying out,saying that mine only lasted one summer and I’ve had to have it topped up so I’m at a loss too .
  14. Had mine re gassed last week through Groupon £36 at ats 👍
  15. ABS wheel sensor when it happened on a previous car of mine
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