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  1. Correct Battery

    Yeah it’s on there as one of about 5 👍
  2. Correct Battery

    Thanks everyone for your replies I’ve put it in and he will see how it goes cheers
  3. Correct Battery

    I’m changing a battery for someone on a focus 1.6 petrol euro parts have sold him an Exide EB442 anyone using this one as it doesn’t mention silver calcium on the battery which is what I thought they had to have cheers
  4. Battery

    Bought a Boche S4 in the end 4 yrs warranty £71 europarts 👍
  5. Battery

    Thanks for the replies was just a little worried as it’s cheap but I think I’ll give it a go then was concerned it may mess the management system up but it seems not cheers
  6. Battery

    Hi Folks looking like I need a new battery Euro parts are doing a Lion one which comes in at £47 after a code discount question is has anyone bought one of these for a focus 2.0 petrol cheers
  7. Heads Up! Cheap Oil and Stuff in Tesco

    I’ve put the Tesco stuff in mine I bought 3 and used 2 so a spare 2 litre for topping up if needs be , happy days
  8. What I ment was it seems the mk1 is now starting to fill scrapyards judging by the amount now on eBay/gumtree for spares and repair although I do accept there will be plenty that have years left in them 👍
  9. I'd keep an eye out for best scrap prices 😂😂😂😂
  10. Someone is on the wind up here never heard such rubbish 😂😂😂
  11. Focus Cambelt Damage

    How lucky are you for him to come across this 👍
  12. Focus MK2 speaker replacement

    Here's the pictures you can see how I've cut it out then the last one is the vibe speakers in place 👍
  13. Focus MK2 speaker replacement

    Hi mate the clips and the removal tool are cheap by the way yeah not sure which speakers they were 6.5x6.5 I think but when using with the ford head unit they were Dull//Quiet but I've fitted a Sony and they seem better although I'm led to believe the sound emphasis is for the front speakers to do the work anyway?!
  14. Focus MK2 speaker replacement

    They screwed with self tappers to the plastic casing of the original speakers makes putting the door card on a little harder but it's a nice tight fit when done I bought spare clips and a removal tool from eBay before I started as your bound to break a clip or 2
  15. Focus MK2 speaker replacement

    I used vibe speakers in mine from eBay they fit in on top of the old ones once you cut the middle out of them leaving the case they sound even better now I have a non ford head 👍