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  1. The car went into Ford today to have the pump fitted. It wasn't a straight forward job as the car already had the clutch update which wouldn't allow the extra software for the pump as described above. As far as I can understand in order to get the software installed - they did have to reload everything (they didn't describe this as risky) , but they talked to 'technical' for advice on how to do it. Anyway, Ford recommend having the pump fitted if a tow bar is fitted, so perhaps use that argument if they aren't being helpful. Thanks to Taunton Ford for the excellent service. Hope this helps.
  2. I'm interested to know what the outcome on this one was? I've recently bought the parts, and have arranged for Ford to fit them and be programmed on Tuesday. Mine is a 63 plate 1.0 125 Ecoboost estate. Hopefully it is possible.
  3. Sorry for the late reply. No, there was never any definitive answers (I had the top strut mounts replaced but the problem didn't go away immediately), however once I reached about 80,000 it had dissappeared!
  4. Hi, I just wondered if anyone else who has a 1.6 petrol 99bhp model (or another engine) experiences vibrations/buzzing sensation through the accelerator pedal? Car has done 60k. It happens especially between 3000rpm to 4000rpm (motorway 65-80mph), and is felt worse when lifting off the pedal to coast slightly. The car drives fine, no problems other than this. Is this a trait with this model or could it be motor mounts or driveline related? I had an advisory on my mot for top strut mounts, any possibility these could vibrate at a particular frequency? Any help would be much appreciated!
  5. I bought a Focus 1.6 LX 2002 in March this year and it had the same type of symptoms as yours, thankfully I had mine fixed, so this may be of some help to you... When I test drove the car it was ok. I asked for a Cam belt replacement as a part of the sale which they did, and the mechanic had to fit a new cam positioning sensor as well. On taking the car away, I noticed when coming up to junctions/traffic lights the revs would be a bit too low, then come back up a bit but keep on hunting, never flattening out. Once, it actually stalled coming up to a junction. Also, on the first drive which was in the dark, the headlights and interior lights were flucuating as if the battery was running out. I took it back to the dealer who got in touch with a Ford garage. I was told to take it into them, and they cleaned out the Idle Control Valve, as well as updating the software on the car. I don't know why the cam belt replacement/cam positioning sensors would have anything to do with it, but it started happening after this was replaced. Anyway, after going to Ford its now fine, so maybe this could be a solution?