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  1. Ford Audio Update - The Changes

    I took my car in and asked them to put this update on but they said it was only for cars with a usb port.
  2. Ford Fiesta '09 Bluetooth Audio

    Hi Caveman, I have exactly the same problem. Have you had your car in yet?
  3. Red Or Sea Grey?

    Mine's a Kuga in Sea Grey - hope this helps.
  4. I've been reading the Apple forums and apparently OS4 broke the A2DP profile of Bluetooth for many people and the latest update 4.2.1 didn't fix it. Bluetooth has many profiles (wiki lists 28) and A2DP is needed for music streaming. There is a different profile for hands free - HFP - which is why we can use our phones to make calls but not stream music. However, this doesn't make sense when it is clear on this forum that some people can stream music through IOS 4.1 onwards. Guess I'll just have to wait for the next update from Apple to see if it solves my problem.
  5. hello kuga owners

    Hi, I've just bought a kuga and love it. Having a problem streaming music through bluetooth which I've posted elsewhere. I'm only 5'4 with size 3.5 feet and I have no problem reaching pedals and driving it!! Previous car Mazda MX5 so just a bit of a change. :D
  6. Newbie here - hello everyone. I cannot get my iphone to stream music via bluetooth. I had the BT firmware updated on the car last week and I am running the latest software on my iphone. Before the update my phone thought it was playing music via BT but I couldn't hear it (hence visit to Ford for firmware update). Now my phone doesn't even think it is playing via BT so the update seems to have made things worse for me. No problems with phone functions via bluetooth. Anyone got any ideas of what I can do next to try and solve this? I do not have a usb port if that is relevant.
  7. I searched for bluetooth devices on my phone and it picked up Ford Audio. When you ask to pair with it a code is displayed on the stereo which you put into the phone and then it should pair. Done this from memory so hope it works for you.