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  1. What insurance company are you with?

    Snap! x
  2. Show us yourself

    Here I am <3
  3. Car Names :P

    My clio was called Chloe.. and my Ka is called Crumpet :) <3 x
  4. Word Association Game

  5. St Mary's Haunted Hospital

    omg, that actually just !Removed! me up! I made my mate from work come and watch it... the phone call was just freaky as hell! x
  6. Ford Meet Ideas

    Were all saying were up for it, but nobody is saying locations! Get a few areas up for discussion and go from there!
  7. Word Association Game

  8. Word Association Game

  9. Whining Noise

    Its an 04 plate 1.6.. Kids would be a nice excuse but im only 19!! lol
  10. Word Association Game

    It's the word association game, basically somebody says a word, and the next person says another word that associates with the first one.. :)
  11. Hi all!!!

    Hello and welcome :)
  12. How lucky is this guy?

    I dont, but my screen is in full view!! I got the weirdest looks... :S not good!
  13. Word Association Game

  14. Word Association Game

  15. Whining Noise

    My car seems to be making a slight whining noise whenever im driving over 30mph, i've been told it's nothing to worry about, that it's just a noisy car, but im unsure. Is it supposed to do that?!