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  1. O/T If you had the money...

    Now thats a car!...gt500 is "only" around 43 - 44k at most..... V nice choice!
  2. If you had the dollar what is THEE car of your dreams....get some pics an specs up :P Mine would have to be the Ford Shelby GT500 Mustang in white with blue stripes :D Weighing in at 3920 lbs, a 5.4 liter V8 with an impressive 475 HP! this lil number does a costly 14mpg :S ...ish
  3. Frosty in the Flesh

    Each to there own at the end of the day BUT, gotta say, i don't think the new fiesta looks any good at all...i think ford should not tryed to fix what wasnt broken....
  4. Middle brake light

    hey people, can anyone help me on my centre brake light on my 06 fiesta freedom....only way i can see to get 2 it are 2 small holes underneath it that have bungs in them. But after I take them out then what?? If anyone could help would appreciate it. Thanks. Freedom.
  5. I agree with you abit, but I just think some of my tax money I pay just to drive the damn thing should be going into things like making the ANPR able to read any font. Its not like I wanted it un-readable just make it abit more personalized without buying private plates....
  6. yeh ive read that from the dvla website..,its a pain in the !Removed! :P
  7. lol well i don't agree that they look chavey but they have been changed anyway cuz its just not worth it, im not stupid :P i just wanted to rant because its a stupid law.... i do need new ones tho because one of them has a big chip in it - i can asume that if i have them like this its legal right??..... i have heard that having the ford badge on it will become illegal if it isnt already? anyonw know about that?
  8. As some of you know ive been doing some light modding to my fiesta freedom.....and so i came across this nice site that lets you have loads of font styles for your number plate! KOOL!....an at only £20 a go why the hell not!! so iz got me some sweet new number plates. yippy!... Now, admittedly im a noob in all things modding and so called "Laws" of the road and before i got the plates a friend told me that you can be pulled and charged £30 for having modded plates (what a load of crap, oh how i hate the police) and yes i now know that this is true (but i hate the law and put them on anyway) below is a example of what font my plates are in now an i think threes nothing wrong as "not one of the letters/numbers can or could be misinterpreted as anything other than what they actually are". (++ the new plates have all the right spaces in the right places all i have changed is the font style) but we all know al get pulled and fined.....so all bets welcome to how long its gona take for me to get pulled and fined :D
  9. hmm yeh but mine looks slightly differant to that one on the link, i guess the best thing to do is just pull it out and have alook >< thanks for your time tho Freedom...
  10. thinkin of gettin a nicea amp - 6x9's - sub the whole packedge, was just wondering before i do, - does the standard 6000c cd player have all the plugs in the back to simply connect it staright in!?! any one know ??? (does it have audio and remote cables in the back) Thanks Freedom...
  11. angel lights on my freedom need opinions!

    back three windows tinted and a decent sound system then??? :D .....which will lead me to my next topic... muhhaa
  12. angel lights on my freedom need opinions!

    yeh your right they do look good as they are probs best to just get sum ice white blubs or sumin, these are the alloys i have on atm... tbh i like them how they are havnt seen any yet that i would rather have....if i could get these in 17" that would be good. Freedom....
  13. angel lights on my freedom need opinions!

    yeh silver would probs go down better, i could rlly use fitting them both an "try em for size" b4 i buy em but u cant do that >< lol just trying out some light modding ideas that don't cost the earth. as for the alloys am thinkin of getting them sprayed "shadow chrome" but agian do they look good as they are :S ...and possible getting the back 3 windows tinted.
  14. ok....heres the car, 06 fiesta Freedom. and these are the lights an thinkin of gettin.... https://www.deviantstyling.com/p/104/Ford_F...ctor_Headlights and for the back... https://www.deviantstyling.com/p/781/Ford_F...ear_Tail_Lights ?????????????
  15. Bluetooth connecting

    i thaught of tryin "0000" but didnt till u said!! i love you :D:D:D:D:D its works 100% now sound from calls comes through the speakers an all :D thanks again!