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  1. MOT Failure on Emissions

    Hey Folks, This is my first.... probably of many posts here - so Hi All! About a month ago, the Fiesta (1998 1.25 Zetec) failed it's MOT on emissions, however I've spent quite a bit on it over the last year, so even though it's not worth thousands, I don't want to scrap it, plus apart from the engine, it passed with flying colours! So, I have four options: 1) Fix it - wouldn't say I'm a full blown mechanic, but could get through it with a few swears and screams! 2) Buy a new engine - I'm in Leeds, found one in Manchester at £175 all in, but don't know the mileage, then fit it. 3) Buy another Fiesta with 12 months MOT, pull the engine out of it, throw it in mine, get it through it's MOT, then change the engines back... cough cough - obviously this is hypothetical! 4) Get the engine rebuilt - but it's £500 and really don't want to spend that much! Anybody hit this problem before? I've heard it's quite common and a lot of them give up at 60k.... guess what, mine's done 60k! Any help would be amazing - anyone gives me a quick fix, I'll get them a pint....... but you have to come to Leeds! Cheers, Richard.