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  1. I have a fiesta 1.3 mk4 (t reg) which I originally baught to do up as a rally car, but have used as a run about as I have just sold my modded motor, It has run without any issues what so ever for 2 years now but this last week there has been something very wrong with the electrics ) Ok, so when I turn the ignition on i get the oil, handbrake, battery and airbag lights on (im sure there should be more) the digital milometer flashes all 8's breifly then is off, the petrol gauge and speedometer dont move or work ... after a while they will all start working again, the oil and petrol light comes on and then goes off once its started working again. however the radio doesnt always come back on, I have had it working 2 times out of 16, no lights no anything but it will eject, and I have had it working twice and it does deffo work I had only experienced the dash problems after starting up until now as once everything was working it would stay working (excluding the radio which is a sony xplod aftermarket radio) but today everything cut out (apart from the engine ???) at 70 in the 3rd lane of the motorway (scary) so I really need to try and get this sorted but I'll be honest it is pickling me, Any ideas or info much appreciated :)