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  1. Take it to Motor Medic at Chilbolton (5 miles north of Winchester). Richard there will sort it out for you.
  2. I'd be buying whichever one has the least rot - particularly underneath and on the sills.
  3. Why don't you get the fault codes read? Instead of guessing at what might be wrong?
  4. Have you turned on the headlamps?
  5. Well after the overwhelming response to this, I thought I'd communicate the outcome for the benefit of others in the future. There was a coolant leak from the thermostat housing causing an airlock in the system - resulting in the engine running on overheat but no hot water making it into the cabin. A new thermostat housing and a bleed of the system has solved the issue.
  6. I've had this happen on a few fords including our Ka - every time it has required a new windscreen. My advice would be to "pick up an unfortunate nasty stone crack" and claim on the insurance for a replacement screen. £85 windscreen excess, job done.
  7. 2008 Ka mk1, 1.3 - Duratec engine. Just noticed over the last few days that the engine fan seems to be running fairly constantly, suggesting the running temperature is very high, but inside the cabin, even on full heat the air is coming out luke warm at best. The Heater Control Valve was replaced last year so I don't think that's the issue, am wondering if it's a failing/failed thermostat or if it has an airlock (and if so, what caused the airlock)? Anyone had the same issue?
  8. You can buy repair panels. You cut out the rotten section of the old panel, weld in the replacement. However even with this it will still come back unless you regularly clean out behind the filler neck. I remove the plastic inner liner every 6 months, give it a good and thorough wash out and waxoyl the whole area. Touch wood ours has zero sign of bubbling or corrosion there.
  9. Agreed. HCV - ours was the same - changed the valve, solved the problem.
  10. Glad to hear the Brab is back, but sorry to see you leave the Ka world - I had hoped you'd have gotten attached to it enough to keep it.... See you on the "other" side!
  11. Locking wheel nuts are a PITA. Nobody nicks alloys anymore - all those nuts do is cause issues - lost keys, damaged keys, damaged nuts etc. Your local tyre place will probably be able to get them off for you. I just replaced the locking nuts on ours with some used standard ones - £5 for four on ebay and I don't have to worry about any of the aforementioned problems anymore. Plus I sold the locking nuts & key for £10 so made myself a fiver into the bargain!
  12. This car is going to be rather nice when you've finished with it. Maybe you'll make a few quid come sale time?
  13. The ford badges can be rejuvenated by buying stick-onl ford logos that are specifically designed to make them look like new again but at a fraction of the cost of complete new ones. I used this to make the tailgate one on our ka look like new again: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ford-KA-rear-tailgate-badge-/201921820265?hash=item2f037a7669:g:XzAAAOSwd4tUEyEn
  14. Hello JJ- fancy seeing you over here! Is this StreetKa to replace the ForFour or is it as well as? Sorry can't help with your query - never heard of heated seats on a Ka before...