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  1. Advice...

    Mate if your's it's a diesel you dont have spark plugs. The problem is that mine is a Focus Style and they dont have engine covers like Zetec's do.
  2. Advice...

    Yes, you're right mate just that once you take the spark plugs you need to try abd run the engine to get the water out.Than put back the spark plugs and that's when you would need the gadget to reset the board lights. It's a complete rippoff.
  3. Advice...

    Hi, I've took my FocusStyle55Reg. to the local Ford dealer(Dees Wimbledon) for repair, and picked up a £400.00 bill for replacing the spark plugs and the washer jets. Does anybody know a good garage SW London, just in case I'll need it in future. Cheers. Does anyone knows whether Zetec engine covers can be fitted on Focus Style???
  4. My Focus Has No Power And Shuters

    Thank a lot. I'll give it a go.
  5. Ford Focus Style 1.4 Hi all, I changed my Escort for a Focus about 4 months ago. Not sure if I made the right decision :)as this is the second time that I am having engine problems. Since then I had this problem once and because it was in warranty the garage didnt want to change the coil pack as I suggested coming up with various excuses. After changing the lead and the engine was still shuttering they eventually changed the coil pack which seemed to have done the trick but now the problem is back again. Any suggestions???