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  1. 3 Times Fuel Consumption - Please Help!!

    Hi, fans will come on if a/c is on or if the internal heater fans are on. So it looks ok. It is quite cold outside so I guess the radiator isnt hot enuff. So still have the bad idle and fuel consumption issue.
  2. 3 Times Fuel Consumption - Please Help!!

    I have notice that the 2 radiator fans are not rotating when the engine is running. Is this normal? Do i have to drive first?
  3. 3 Times Fuel Consumption - Please Help!!

    Hi I will consider changing the leads. I have my own ELM327 device with software. LIVE DATA GRID shows - MAF sensor is reading 2.0 g/s and today it is windy and reads 3.6 g/s at idle Engine RPM measured at 97rpm 2 but will drop to 794rpm and up and down Engine coolant TEMP IS 83 oC IntakeAir Temp is 14 0C Absolute Throttle Position is 18.43% Fuel system 1 states "closed loop" Short term fuel trim Bank 1 is -2.3% Long term fuel trim - Bank 1 is 1.6% Fuel system 2 states "not reported" and Short term Fuel Trim of "0%" Only have 1 oxygen sensor which is located at precat Sensor 1 Bank 1 so sensor fuel system 2 may not apply? Ignition time advance for cylinder 1 is 20 Intake Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor read "0" but apparently I do not have one of these. Bank 1 Sensor 1 reads "No test data available" and "Oxygen sensor monitoring test not complete. Data could be invalid". Oxygen sensor data changes up and down from different range - i took a measure before it changed at 0.175V with an average of 0.41 The car is at idle and reads a calculated load of 15%. When I drive it goes around 50% at about 30mph
  4. 3 Times Fuel Consumption - Please Help!!

    Hey interesting. Someone suggested doing a trip test via the dash board. It show error code p0103 which refers to the MAF. I will try swap testing this tomorrow. Strange that the ELM327 device did not pick this up.
  5. 3 Times Fuel Consumption - Please Help!!

    Hi, I will look into this. Do u know if my car has a MAP sensor and where it would be? I have one to swap test if I could just locate it. Ok, checked the HT leads and they look clean and fairly new. No split parts, and contacts look clean.
  6. Hi all. I am a newbie, and was told the experts on here could help. FORD FOCUS MARK 1 1999 T reg MANUAL - 1.6i Ghia 64,500 miles. My car had a coil packed failure, and the idle speed went down to 700rpm. My car is consuming so much fuel. For every £10 I get 45miles before I have to refuel!! Before I would get 120miles per £10 I have changed 1) Coil pack - Misfire sorted 2) Spark plugs have been changed. 3) Leads look new and no air leaks according to mechanic. 4) MAF sensor changed 5) Idle Air control Value is new because old one was black inside. Inside throttle body cleaned with carb cleaner. This stopped the stalling issue. 6) Throttle Position Sensor - has been checked and voltage reads correctly using voltmeter 7) Lambda sensor changed to a new one. Only one sensor Bank 1 sensor 1 [precat] 8) Air filter changed and air box/hose cleaned 9) Oil filter changed 10 New battery 11) Unplugged battery for a day Other info No exhaust pipe holes or leaks when checked. No obvious signs of leaks etc Wiring looks fine Diagnostics does not show any error codes but I have attached what it shows. No MIL light or other warning lights Once in a while I do get a cylinder 1 Misfire. when the code is cleared it does not come back for 3 weeks. I do not know if I have a MAP sensor on this model or where it is located. People say it has and looks like a T shape device but I have no clue where it could be. Currently The car drives like there is loss of power and the idle looks like it is hunting and will not settle to a fixed idle speed when the car is still Please help me as I am going insane :( Thanks