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  1. Where To Put Ipod Leads In 05 Focus

    If you look in the Glove Compartment there should be a opening for an aux cable, i believe this is where you should route your usb.
  2. Error Codes And Gearbox Clunk?

    Most garages give atleast a month warranty/garantee on cars bought from them, take it back to the garage you bought it from and ask them to diagnose and fix, this should be done free of charge. within the first week i had my 1.6 Zetec Focus (2005) the power-steering leaked, i managed to get the pipes replaced and motor free of charge(which is good cause its about £500) :)
  3. Havnt used these myself but been reading up on Uniroyal Rainsport 2 tyres and they seem to be excellent in the dry and fantastic in the wet/snow. Since i see you are in england and its always wet here i recommend you look them up, £65 each from Kwik Fit.
  4. Flashing Red Light

    Hi all, current new owner of a Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec MK2 just looking for some advice, had this car just over a month now and noticed a few things, 1. this morning the car failed to start the first time, but started the second, however once started the red immobiliser light(between fuel and temp gauge) was flashing rapidly, could this indicate a serious problem? the manual and google have revealed nothing, i suspect its just warning me that a fault occured on first start up. 2. MPG, after looking around most seem to get around 35-40MPG from the 1.6 VVTI engine at the moment in temps hovering around 0 Celsius with a mix of about 60/40 (motorway/town) driving i am recieving 32MPG just wanted to know whether this was within average MPG? (i drive between 700-1000 miles a month)
  5. New Focus Zetec

    Hi all, New to the forum, just bought a 2nd hand 2005 Silver Ford Focus 1.6 MKII, been great so far.