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  1. Good Phone Holders For The Mk7?

    Ditto that. I have a Brodit for a Samsung Galaxy S2 positined in the centre of the car similar to that in iNath's picture. Works very well, very studry. I have tucked a usb lead from the 12V power, up under the glove box and to the back of the holder. Keeps things nice and tidy!
  2. Fiesta Mk7 Interior Ambient Lights

    Thanks for the info Nath. Something I think I will look into. How did you get your hands on IDS?
  3. Dismissive Dealer.

    Rog...sounds like it may have just improved things for you which is good. I may have to go to my dealer and see what they say. On the note of dealers, I have had a bad experience where I got my car back from warranty work to find my passenger door wouldn't open from outisde, the window motor had pretty much died and the original warranty repairs had not been rectified. Was not happy so took it to another dealer, they fixed all problems and even gave me a free courtesy car. For the problems, I mentioned to Ford relations and managed to wangle a free service, which was handy. So I agree some dealers are good and some bad but mention the grief you have experienced to ford relations and any dealer should hopefully be more willing to help
  4. Fiesta Mk7 Interior Ambient Lights

    Nath. You are one clever bloke being able to activate the ambient light menu and cruise control. Two mods I wish the zetec s came with as standard. Good pics for the location of wired for ambient light. I assume from previous posts that even though its plug and play, IDS is needed to make the wires live. Where did u source the 2 light strips from?
  5. Dismissive Dealer.

    Rog. My fuel consumption has been all over the place recently. I have once hit 61mpg (granny driving) but recently its been fluxuating like a yoyo getting 48mpg, 55mpg, 48mpg, 55mpg etc...This is even doing quite a lot of motorway miles at a steady 70mph. I have thought about going to Ford to update my ECU. Just wondered how you are getting on since you had yours updated? Cheers Andy
  6. Dismissive Dealer.

    That all sounds a bit frustrating for you. Definately try another dealer as they might be a little more friendly. With regards to the bluetooth/stereo update, I am surprised they didnt update it for you.It is a 10 minute job and you can actually do it yourself provided you have a USB connection.Software Update Link
  7. Fiesta Mk7 Interior Ambient Lights

    Hi Garzzz. It will all be plug and play but the 2 LED ambient lights. These will need to be wired up to either the lights switch or rear light meaning the ambient lighting will come on with sidelights / headlights. I have wired the lights to my rear lights. It is a pretty simple job. Others I know have wired to the lights swith. This link should help give you and idea. Ambient Light Link With the glovebox strip, this is something I wish to retrofit, but haven't looked into if its a straight plug and play. Chances are it isn't. I'd be tempted to tap into the ambient light connection at the courtesy light if you go ahead with that.
  8. 1.6 Tdci Remap

    That's not a bad gain. Where did you go to get it mapped? Also is that the 95ps with dpf model?
  9. Fiesta Mk7 "usb Software Update"

    I just purchased a new black ipod lead now that I no longer need to horrible Ford Y cable. Only 20cm long and is a perfect length for the job. Here is a link if anyone else is interested. Click here. Also, I have an HTC Desire android phone and my phonebook never displayed over bluetooth. Since the update, it seems to have fixed this problem. Only problem now though, is my phone never automatically connects when I turn the car on. The headunit recognises my phone but just doesn't connect. Have to go through the headunits phone menu to activate every time. Any suggestions?
  10. Fiesta Mk7 "usb Software Update"

    I ran the software update yesterday and i can confirm you no longer need the Ford y cable. The normal apple ipod lead works just fine, which is much better in my opinion.
  11. Hi there. There is a guide on this site all about adding bluetooth to the car. Sounds like it all is possible. I have a spare microphone if your interested? Whether you have the wiring for the microphone is another question I am unable to answer?
  12. Interior Roof Light

    I upgraded mine using a light from a Mondeo Mk3. It is a perfect straight swap that takes literally 2 minutes. I am however currently selling this on ebay as I have added submarine lights to my car now, if you are interested.Link here.
  13. I just spotted reading through your project that you fitted a glove box light. I am thinking of doing this mod myself but not too sure where to position the light and how to get power?
  14. Cruise Control: Is It Possible To Retro Fit?

    Be great to see if anyone can eventually crack the cruise control. I would love to have it myself. Just did a search for the Haynes manual for the MK7 and it's now available. Whether this will answer any questions for everyone scrathcing their heads over the retro fit? http://www.haynes.co.uk/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?catalogId=10001&storeId=10001&productId=52951&langId=-1&parent_category_rn=14510