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  1. Hello, Just bought a 54 plate Focus Zetec Hatchback. The front window washers work fine, however no water comes out of the rear washer. There is a gurgling noise which seems to eminate from the rear left (passenger side) headlining area near to the boot. Removed the high level light and the pipe is connected to rear of jet. The pipe still seems intact through the rubber boot / elbow in the boot hinge. Where does the pipe run from there, and how is it accessed? Any photos, diagrams would be fantastic....don't have any water leaking into car internals, so assume its leaking and running to the outside somewhere... Thanks, Lee
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    Rear Window Washer Not Functioning

    Thanks all - problem solved. Pipe was disconnected under the roof lining just prior to it entering the rubber elbow grommet in the boot hinge. Lee