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  1. Hello guys and gals, I am using two dash cameras which are plugged into a 12v splitter which is plugged into the 12v power outlet. From a previous post on here we established that the 12v is always set to "on" and this will drain the battery if I leave the cameras plugged in (already had one flat) but as I often forget to plug them in setting off it makes having pointless. I have had a few near misses, none of which my fault, but it is amazing how the other drivers will always give you a strange stare as in to say "WTF are you doing that was your fault". IS is possible to connect the 12v spliter to some form of ignition lead in the car so that they turn on when I start the engine and turn off when I turn the engine off?
  2. Guys I bought two cheap dash cams from ebay for the front and rear of the car (inside) and these have batteries built in (could be important). When I leave them plugged into the 12 volt power outlet they stay powered on/charging even after 20 minutes, which is when I thought it switched off. i left the little screen down and it is still powered on even when the battery of the camera is flat, it is still drawing a charge and I am worried that it will flatten the battery. The link shows they type of camera I bought, thinking about it sometimes they do power off. The adapter I have is made by ring and has 3 lights on showing battery power of the car's battery low/medium/high and this always stays illuminated as do the two adapters, one going to each camera. linky: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VIDEO-DASH-BOARD-IN-CAR-VEHICLE-CAMERA-DRIVING-CAM-ROAD-/250684120065?pt=UK_Gadgets&hash=item3a5df01c01 i bought mine for £20, they put the price up when they run low on stock. the image quality is quite good for something so cheap and is on a par with my friends roadhawk dc-1 although no gps etc. dont buy one of these cameras with infa-red it will bounce off the window. thanks guys
  3. Dpf Regeneration In Titanium Tdci 1.6

    many thanks for all the replies, I had seen a petrol 1.6 titanium at a local dealer for £11000 and was seriously considering it. However as people point out the decision should have been before I bought a Diesel in the first place. Now that I have one it would be rather silly to get rid of it just incase the DPF ever broke/needed replacing. Bloke at the ford garage said just drive it as normal and dont worry about it. One of the posts above says that only ford can clean the filter which means by driving at lower revs etc is not going to leave the filter dirty. There is this product which I found online and is £25ish on Ebay although probably just one of the great motoring rip offs http://www.dieselparticulatefiltercleaner.com/ The way I now see it is to hang on to the car and if the warning light should ever come on before I am ready to sell the car I will just part ex it sooner. I am looking forward to the new titanium with microsoft active sync and the newer tricks/gimmicks so it would make more sense to wait. PANIC OVER (for the time being)
  4. Dpf Regeneration In Titanium Tdci 1.6

    WELL Did not know about the DPF needing heat to regenerate and now am all worried that this car's DPF is just gonna break :-( I took my 1.6tdci for a 40 minute spin at high revs up and down the motorway mainly 60mph in 3rd to get 4000rpm+, gonna spend the next 3 hours cleaning the fly corpse's from the paintwork. Been doing some research online and went to my local dealership earlier. Online I found an article that talks about a pre-warning light that tels the driver the system needs regenerating, there is a light on the car panel that illuminates yellow when you turn the key to the ACC position. This has not lit up or anything when driving i just noticed it looks like an exhaust with specks in it. At the dealership (Jennings Stockton-on-Tees) I spoke to one of the service desk chaps. He said that he does not like the DPF system and that it should regenerate on its own. He said that at the 1st major service (at 2 years) they run a regeneration as part of the service and that at the 3rd major service (at 6 years) they replace the DPF at the cost of around £1000! ADVICE - Should I just buy a petrol Zetec S or S1600? I dont do many miles although this could change with doing supply work in september. I have found the diesel to be a slow and sluggish pain in the !Removed!. I had a 2007 Zetec S before going for the 1.6tdci titanium and like it although it only did 30mpg!
  5. Hello Guys Have been looking online at the DPF system that forms part of the TDCI emissions and wonder as I only do a limited number of miles at stop/start driving should I be adding a product to help the DPF regenerate? I got the car about 7 months ago from ford direct with 4500 on the clock. I only use BP Ultimate Diesel and only refuel once every 4-6 weeks (yeah I only only work 10 mins from where I live in rush hour traffic lol - well worth getting a diesel and I have only done 1500 miles) and I can remember someone saying that Redex will damage the filter. Before I heard this I did use a bottle of Redex Advance to flush through any crap in the tank etc. On a side note I also added a bottle of Extralube ZX1 to the oil tank, the oil was recently changed so is it worth buying some more ZX1? (sounded like good stuff and can even be added to the fuel tank to lubricate the pistons etc) Your advice is as always much appreciated graham
  6. GUYS Cleaned car last week with Super Resing Polish and managed to get it on the plastic casings around wing mirrors, tried to get it off using warm AG Bodywork shampoo but no joy. Resorted to trying Intensive Tar Remover and even a rubber (eraser from school) with no joy! I have some AG bumper gel and some rubber/vinyl protector still to try but am worried that when it wears off it will make the plastics go a light grey over time HELP!
  7. Aux Button Does Not Work On Zetec S 60 Plate

    got in my fiesta titanium today and drove to local retail park, usb pen working fine etc for music. got back in car and it went straight to radio, pressed the button on the stalk and no womans voice. got home and checked usb drive on computer also got my bluetooth mobile. got in car and it worked but usb stick froze on track one, no music played etc it just froze. went to near by ford dealer and said that was having problem. thanks to information about software update in this thread i looked like i knew what i was talking about, also told bloke that i had phoned ford direct who confirmed software error. another chap behind the desk said that there had been a update a while back for the module. result, car booked in next wednesday, chap said that ford time shown on his computer is 1.25 hours (why not just say 1hr 15 minutes).
  8. Detailing With No Hosepipe - Optmum No Rinse

    many thanks for the comprehensive shoot down there matey :D if i am ever walking past and you are out cleaning your car i will be sure to ask if you fancy doing mine. carnuba wax is edible i seem to recall!
  9. Detailing With No Hosepipe - Optmum No Rinse

    hello felow Foc-ers I have been working like a moron at the weekend putting super resin polish on, using supagard paint sealant then getting given some pureguard (2 stage stuff that actually got applied to my titanium when i bought it but i felt the 12 year old who probably put it on was listening to justin beiber) and deciding to apply that today. Firstly that fiesta is a gorgeous looking car, I would imagine it came up so clean because you have not been washing it and getting swirl marks etc. I worked with a pharmacist years ago who never washed his car (ever) then low and behold one deay he decided to sell it and it looked new! My titanium is black so shows up road spray etc but you dont see tar spots, althoug you can feel them. I like the photo with all the boxes of cleaning stuff, people will have woalked past thinking idiot OR what a hero! I have used showroom shine after buying a bottle years ago. while on a certain shopping channel cleaning of mud, bird !Removed!, charcoal etc what they dont mention is the fact the car has been treated repeatedly in the past and as the carnuba wax builds up any external dirt will just wipe off! that said it made my old zetec s shine like no other, just the carnuba wax is a pain in the !Removed! to polish in. the guy who lives down the road works at the local bodywork shop and he said that suffers use carnuba wax on their surf boards. His father uses it on his landrover discovery and when applied in layers the carnuba wax can be buffed off and reapplied meaning his car always looks clean. Personally, I dont see how waterless cleaning systems like showroom shine is able to lift of ground in dirt as it is stuck to the bodywork, surely it is the person exerting pressure that releases it, dragging it along the bodywork ;-( graham1979
  10. Somone Backed Into My Car...

    hello strutter, my 57 plate zetec s bumpers were the same, they would pop out and could just be pushed back in. Quailty build there ford! In regards to the damage, although the bloke could have walked off he didn't and in today's society he is probably in a minority. If the damage is fixable at a local bodyshop with buffing etc i would give him the bill. Explain to him that you could have gone through insurance companies etc and that it would cost much more that way, for him at least!
  11. Supagard Applied Over Ag Resin Polish Over Puregard

    DANGULL, sorry to bother you but how do you mean you apply the autoglym extra sealant through a sprayed? How exactly do actually apply the sealant? Many thanks Graham1979 Ps spent a few hours polishing car with super resin then used the last of the supagard pads I had.
  12. Supagard Applied Over Ag Resin Polish Over Puregard

    thank you both for your quick replies, IMHO The most important thing is the quality of application rather than the product itself. exactly what i was thinking, the plank who put it on for the dealership might have done it a million times but he had left white bits of the glaze on and prob had a hundred cars to do! my intention is now to do the car bit by bit, the roof and boot hatch are next, follwed by each of the sides. i even put some of the supagard i had on the alloys, it smells and looks just like the wheel sealer.
  13. PLEASE DONT POST SLAGGING OF PAINT SEALANT KITS, SOME PEOPLE SAY THEY ARE GOOD OTHER PEOPLE SAY THEY ARE A WASTE OF MONEY, EACH TO THEIR OWN! Hello Guys, OK, when i bought the car from ford direct the dealer caught me in a moment of weakness and I have Pureguard applied, thought it would be a reasonable investment as my 14 year old micra still gleams when cleaned and that had it applied. I have a big boxer dog and know that on my last fiesta zetec s, although he did not go in the car (his hairs got on clothes etc), the hairs are impossible to get out. The car was treated with the fabric protector inside and the paint sealant stuff on the outside. about a month ago i scratched my new fiesta while cleaning it with a brush (i normally use microfibre mitts) and had the scratch removed at the local bodyshop. i had bought some SUPAGARD stuff off ebay as i wanted to reapply the car interior stuff again. Different brand to pureguard etc I know but it was only work a few quid. In the pack from ebay i got TWO paint sealant sponges, the garage applied one of these for me when they buffed the scratch out. They took a "Micron" of the top of the bonnet and the scratch went, they did open and use the Supagard sponge because they gave me half of it back. Yet despite using the supergard the water does not seem to run off smoothly ANYWAYS As I am off school i decided to wash the car today and polished the bonnet it with Autoglym Super Resin, spent a while doing it and the car the bonnet looked like new. I then decided to open the second bag of Supagard Sponge Sealant and applied it over the top of the AG Polish. The water now streams of the bonnet when i hosed it about 15 minutes ago. Is the Augoglym polish sealed in under the supaguard? I am tempted to buy a few more sponges from ebay, clean and polish the car with AG and then apply the supagard over the top, would this be worthwhile? (the sponges are only a few quid and although i am off work now i just dont have the time to clean to this level. REMEMBER The bonnet has Supagard The rest of the car has Puregard Thanks for reading this whole post, Graham1979
  14. Squeaky Door Mirrors

    many thanks for the replies, as always much appreciated!
  15. Squeaky Door Mirrors

    Hello guys and girls, another quick question, when i lock the doors on my fiesta titanium i have noticed that the drivers door mirror closes as normally but it sounds as if the motor is continuing for a few extra seconds making a low squeaking noise. i have only had the car for a few months but cant remember it doing it previously. i was worried it might burn the motor out or something. anybody else have the same issue? how easy is it to get work done under the ford direct warranty? i live close to ford jennings in stockton on tees but got the car from evans halshaw in darlington. thanks for any advice in advance graham