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  1. Focus Mk2 Wingmirrors

    all sorted wingmirror installed thanks for your help guys :)
  2. Focus Mk2 Wingmirrors

    Haha sorry mate on an iPhone lol Ok cool sounds good how much would you want for it?? Thanks anthony
  3. Focus Mk2 Wingmirrors

    Tha is for pic mate I've asked him he said he would like out without a crack :( If brigantine has some that are good I might get it from him Thanks anyways mate :)
  4. Focus Mk2 Wingmirrors

    perfect thank you!! if you can post a pic just to be 100 % them we can sort it out from there :D
  5. Focus Mk2 Wingmirrors

    thanks gforce its a 57 plate so its a mk2 non face lift from your description its the housing, which has the internal mechanisms, the surround/frame, and the mounting plate which keeps it on the car. but basicly as you sit in the car and look at the mirror its plastic surrond you can see that is smashed i havent got a pic as he wanst home last night, how much would you be looking for if you was to sell it yes its the drivers side. thanks anthony edit : just looked at the guid and its 100% the housing you have said
  6. Focus Mk2 Wingmirrors

    hi all just a quick question my bro had wingmirror smashed today and he needs to get a replacement its the plastic housing that is smashed all the mec mirror cover and indicator is fine the question is can i but a wingmirror without indicator and put my one onto that or dose it all come attached ? second if can do that is can i change the plastic that is round the glass and the plastic at the bottom of the wing mirror. thanks