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  1. My Mk2 Focus Daily Project

    Small update, replaced the badges with gel badges, changed the head unit to a Pioneer one, nothing special just wanted USB and a touch screen, also replaced a blown sidelight bulb (came like it). Out with the old: In with the new: And then the badges, I went for black/silver. :) Next update will most likely be sorting this water leak in the boot.
  2. My Mk2 Focus Daily Project

    Thank you, I think I prefer pressed plates, but I'm unsure if they'll suit the Mk2 Focus? LED's are a worthwhile upgrade I think, good idea.
  3. Hi all. My first project thread with a Ford... something I thought I'd never do. It's a 2005 Ford Focus Ghia 2.0 TDCi which I've purchased as a cheap daily for my 40 mile round trip commute I do with my new job. I've actually replaced a 2013 BMW 330d with it so quite a step down but I've got a sensible head on for savings in the long run. So the car was purchased on Monday and it does require some TLC as I'll explain after some pictures. It's had a recent service and front brakes, a terraclean and engine decarbonise with the receipts for all, which was the main reasons I purchased it over anything else local. Problems: Alloys corroding badly The tailgate has a dent just below the Ghia badge I have a problem with the front windscreen washers as it sends the water to the back but operates the front intermittently. We're thinking pump so will need to investigate further Water ingress in the boot from the right hand side, thinking the rear light judging by the water trail and dampness Plastic is broken around drivers side mirror Plans/Mods: Tidy up bodywork, a friend is a vehicle painter so will fix as much as he can Refurbish current or replace alloys with 17/18" Leather interior seats if any comes up for the right price Upgrade head unit from standard Ford one with a touch screen/bluetooth/etc Upgrade mirrors to integrated indicators with powerfolding if possible Mk2.5 rear lights (I much prefer the honeycomb style) Replacement Ford badges, have ordered a set of Black/Silver gel ones for the front, rear and steering wheel Possibly get a second/replacement key fob as the current is far from great Retrofit DRL of some kind, I miss having them on the BMW Let me know your thoughts/recommendations. Cheers.
  4. May be leaving ford :( is this a good deal?

    Looks good chap, I've just gone from a 63 plate BMW 330d xDrive M Sport to an 05 Ford Focus Ghia 2.0 TDCi. I loved the BMW and will miss it, however I've got some saving of the £££ to do and as such the BMW had to regrettably go. I couldn't believe the insurance jump I had from a 530d to a 330d! £590 for a 22 year old on a 530d and £1,000 for the 330d when I was 24 all because of the xDrive! You'll love the new car and I highly doubt you'll regret it one bit. I'm looking forward to the day of jumping back into something exciting again, though it's a long way off.
  5. New Mk2 Owner - 2 Issues

    Ok, I'll take a look there too!
  6. New Mk2 Owner - 2 Issues

    Thanks for that info, I will take a look into them. If it's the holes from the light mountings, is there a fix to this? Will check it out, thank you! I'll give it ago before replacing the switch, thanks!
  7. New Mk2 Owner - 2 Issues

    I purchased my first Ford yesterday, a 2005 Focus Ghia 2.0 TDCi, so far so good except for two problems. 1. The inside of my boot is quite damp, I've noticed water around the drivers side of the boot which looks like its dripping from around the light cluster, is this likely the case or something else? 2. The tailgate won't open via the button on the boot, I have to use the keyfob. I hear this could be the switch? Many thanks.
  8. Paint Code Help

    Which part of the VIN plate? Does it say? Sorry if I'm being a noob, I don't know Fords. :)
  9. Paint Code Help

    Hi all, I'm wondering where I can find the paint code on a 1997 Ford Fiesta Encore? My dad has recently damaged the tailgate on his and I don't know anything about these cars really. I'm a MG Rover person myself and only know them really, my mum recently replaced her Mk2 Mondeo with a 2003 Rover 25 and loves it. Well back to the original question? It's the light red colour but that's all I know. Haha. Cheers in advance.
  10. Contemplating A Fiesta

    I agree! Well I just got renewal quotes for a 1.6 Fiesta Titanium with Zetec S kit, came back at £760 fully comp (£900 TPF&T?) whilst my 25 comes back at £890. Looks Iike I know what I'll be getting. :)
  11. Contemplating A Fiesta

    Well. I couldn't have done the damage to the BMW or my granddad would of killed me!
  12. Contemplating A Fiesta

    Ahaha! Both different instances my good sir! Mondeo was mum, rear ended a Range Rover! BMW was scraped in car park at work.
  13. Contemplating A Fiesta

    I bet! Has he got the leather interior seats? I'd love them! They look so comfy in the brochure. That is fair completely, but Rover were certainly pushing for the best, considering the K-series first appeared in 1988 it did pretty well, just became out dated towards the end of Rover and with the HG issues it certainly did MG Rover no help. They tend to be high end torque so they've got to revved to get the best use out of them. :( My cousin has a 2002 '52 Rover 25 TD, it's a 2.0 Rover L-series but it's been tuned to 160bhp and some rediculous amount of torque, I think something like 365 Nm. That car certainly shifts!
  14. Contemplating A Fiesta

    To be honest chap, I did have a look at the build my own car thing on their website, but I don't want to buy a NEW vehicle as my nan did it with her MG ZR and said it's something to avoid. Granted MG Rover went bust a couple of months after she purchased it but the whole losing the value part doesn't help at all. I'd rather go for an already registered one with around 10,000 miles or less on the clock. I assume it must be possible to get a Titanium with a Zetec S kit on in 1.4 petrol form?
  15. Contemplating A Fiesta

    That was Rover for you! Always made you wonder. ;) Though to be fair, they were ahead of the times when it came to the engines in the bubbles (200, 25, ZR). For example; 1996 - Ford Escort 1.4 Encore > 88 BHP 1996 - Vauxhall Astra 1.4 > 59 BHP 1996 - Peugeot 106 1.4 Quicksilver> 75BHP 1996 - VW Golf 1.4 > 60 BHP 1996 - Rover 200 1.4 > 103 BHP