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  1. My Focus Titanium X (2012) had a USB connector in the glove box.
  2. Traffic Announcement Volume

    Both my current Fiesta ST and previous Focus Titanium X have the same Sony head unit and as others have said, the TA volume (up and down) is adjustable during transmission.
  3. Bleeding St Breaks

    I was always told to start with the slave cylinder furthest away from the master cylinder.
  4. Windscreen Marks

    Might these marks by any chance be the heating elements buried in the glass? Just a thought!
  5. Fiesta St Sound

    As a side issue to this, I'm thinking of fitting the Mountune Cat Back exhaust to my Fiesta ST MP 215 together [possibly] with the Sports Cat down-tube. I am just a little concerned that this might alter the currently acceptable noise level at cruising speeds to something that becomes far too intrusive. I don't want to make an expensive mistake here so am wondering whether anyone has first hand experience of this or similar. Would the Mountune down-tube add to the 'noise'? I guess not, other than from the turbo ... there is always the option of disabling the sound imposer to quieten the exhaust note if necessary. I may well take a trip to Mountune HQ and have a chat with them re options but in the meantime I'd very much like to hear readers' comments.
  6. Hello, A Weird Request

    Yes, no doubt about it, the suspension is decidedly firm but the body hugging Recaro seats do a good job of helping to smooth things out. I do in fact suffer from back problems (sciatica) but haven't found that the hard ride on the ST has caused me any discomfort.
  7. Hello, A Weird Request

    Mmm, you have a point there Karen, it would look a bit odd but if you explained the situation to the dealer, I'm sure they'd try to help you - after all, they have an interest in selling you a car. You are under no obligation to buy! I love the ST! It's probably a bit of a (late) mid-life crisis purchase and is certainly a firmer ride than the Focus Titanium X that it replaces. It goes like stink and is almost impossible to get unstuck in a corner and it's all the more enjoyable (and tractable) thanks to the no brainer Mountune option. Economy, even driven with some enthusiasm, averages about 37mpg which is better than I was expecting. Good luck with your search.
  8. Hello, A Weird Request

    I'd suggest popping down to your nearest dealer and have a couple of test drives via your house and try it out for size!
  9. My New St

    Thanks again - see you later perhaps on another page!
  10. My New St

    Woohoo, long live the 'Oldies'! Thanks for the comments. My problem is that my brain won't accept the fact that I'm now a pensioner but my body keeps reminding me that I am! I've taken my son's advice though and 'gone for it', he saying that if I don't indulge in this sort of car now - I possibly never will! That was all the encouragement I needed. Do you guys know of another more relevant thread here?
  11. 07 St - Squeaky Stereo?

    What happens when you press the head unit with your finger when it's making this noise? If it stops, you need to find some way of making the connection more secure - maybe some thin packing materal between the two surfaces. Just a thought.
  12. My New St

    Hi all I've been reading through this string with much interest but see that it stops rather abruptly in June 2013 - where has it gone? I'm on the point of picking up my Molten Orange ST 3 which will have the Mountune performance pack fitted so I'm searching for any threads written by other owners of this marque. By the way, I've noticed that one or two contributors have wondered whether they are maybe a little too old to be driving one of these cars. Well, I say very good luck to them, do what you want to do - that's what I'm doing and I realy don't care what others think! I'm 66 - Ha!
  13. Lost Key And No Spare

    Hard luck fella; most of us have been there! Avoid Ford dealerships and the AA etc - it wont be cheap but they charge a fortune. Try local mobile locksmiths, Yellow pages, small car parts shops or indeed the Police! Bottom line is - get quotes before work commences! Good luck
  14. I have copied the following from the Focus Club pages in order to get as wide a view as possible: I have scoured the various forums (fora?) in an attempt to find out what I should be doing to avoid unwanted attention from the Gendarme when I set off for Continental trip next week ending up in Germany. The point at issue here centres on the 2012 myr Focus Titanium X, Bi Xenon lights and how they can - or should - be adjusted to dip right. I've rather ignored the views of some who say "stuff that, they don't bother to adjust theirs when they visit the UK so why should we", in favour of making some adjustments if only to ensure that I can see where I'm going at night! In an ideal world, there'd be a switch to re-align the headlights but I don't think that my Mk3 has that. I have also read that the Halfords type stick on adjusters are i) inefficient, ii) very difficult to position properly and iii) it's almost impossible to remove the sticky stuff afterwards. Comments and experiences from those who have taken their Bi Xenon equipped cars abroad would be much welcomed!
  15. Focus Ls Rns Sat Nav

    Thanks for those comments re the need to ensure that the firmware is up to date; what I maybe should have mentioned is that I had the Ford Dealership look at this problem - I even left my phone with them when the car was serviced last month and they could not work out what was going wrong having checked that the Ford soft/firmware is as current spec. I've also made sure that the Samsung GS2 is using the latest version; so, apart from doing a factory re-set, and I really don't fancy doing that, I'm at a loss as to what to do now; I'm not desperate enough to pay Virgin £400 + to settle the contract before the due date and then get another phone! Another side issue to this is the lack of any decent Owners Manual for the Sony; Ford's Handbook that came with the car is only a little bit better than useless for operating the Sony unit - I've contacted them [sony] and described as well as I can what piece of equipment we are talking about but they insist on knowing what is its model/serial number! I don't know! It's probably hidden away on the back of the unit, buried it the middle of the dashboard! Can anyone help me with a description any better than that it is the "Ford/Sony 4.2" display DAB radio, satnav, CD player' ?