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  1. Energy Saving Tyres.

    Hi all, Hope someone can assist. I have a Fiesta MK7 2010. The original tyres were on R14 steel rims. These were Michelin Energy Savers 175/65/R14 T82 I changed to R17 Zetec S Alloy rims. These have Bridgestone 205/40/R17 84V I liked the performance and MPG saving the Michelin's provided. However these are only available in R14 or R16. Can anyone recommend any energy saving equivalent or low road rolling resistance tyres that would fit my R17's? Thanks in advance for any assistance. Cheers, Kev.
  2. Service Display Light.

    Thanks Mintalkin.
  3. Service Display Light.

    Hi all, Hope someone can assist. My service display light came on this week, for the 12,500 mile service. I have booked the car in to a local garage. Can anyone tell me how the Service Light is removed? Do they have to connect a computer to the ECU and do some sort of re-set? Or is it a simple case of pressing the peddles and turning the key to position 2, as I have read on another post? I ask, because when I asked the garage, they said they don't have the facility to turn the light off. Thanks all, Kev.
  4. Adjustment Of Projector Headlight Mk7.

    Thanks Trist.
  5. Adjustment Of Projector Headlight Mk7.

    Hi Nick, Yes it does, but that is set to 'zero'. I'm looking to adjust the whole unit, like they would at the MOT centre if the lights were not correctly aligned. Can anyone assist? Thanks. Kev.
  6. Hi all, Can anyone tell me how to adjust the projector headlight unit in the MK7 Fiesta? I have recently swapped my reflector headlamp unit for a set of projector headlamp units from a Zetec S, and the light throw from the projectors doesn't shine up the carriageway as much as I thought it would. The sharp cut off of the light seems to be too short and leaves an area of carriageway unlit. Is this how it is meant to be, or would adjusting the units be best? Thanks all.. Kev.
  7. Ignition Failure - Nightmare !

    Hi, I had a similar issue with my previous car (focus), it actually turned out to be the key. A local locksmith re-programmed the key for £75. It never happened again! Hope you get it sorted soon...