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  1. Wiper Problem

    I didnt get anywhere with the alarm module, nothing seemed to change so I reinstated the fuse [yesterday]. Now, this morning, for no apparent reason, my wipers are working again. I was just about to go to the Ford dealers too. This points more and more to the alarm module I guess. Perhaps its dried out a little.
  2. Wiper Problem

    My front wipers have stopped working too. Fuse module F22 seems Ok. Swapped it with another. Have u seen stuff in the smax official trouble topic about water damage to alarm module that can cause wipers to stop working. I am wondering if this is my problem so I have pulled the fuse for the module and am waiting for the battery backup to discharge to see if the wipers come back on.
  3. smax official trouble topic

    An amazing coincidence considering the post yesterday (Good Work Stumax), I have been outside trying to figure out why my front wipers have suddenly stopped working. Fuse seems Ok so is the alarm module the problem? There are no other symptoms. I have removed the F26 fuse from the central fuse box but this didnt seem to make any difference! I guess this is down to the battery backup so im wondering how long it would take to drain down. I dont want to start pulling the arch apart to get at the alarm unit itself. If i take this to a dealer how much will it cost me ? Jezzer S Max 2.0 TDCI Titanium 56 Reg