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  1. I have just had my first service done on my Titanium 92BHP Diesel Fiesta during which they attended to two faults . The simplest was the oil warning light and chime coming on from cold starts intermittently. The second was an intermittent whining noise ( like a water pump bearing failure noise) from the engine) The second fault turned out to be connected with the timing belt system, a bearing I guess. They have fitted a timing belt kit which includes belt gears and pulleys and solved that problem. The first problem was a wire connected to the oil pressure sensor( no surprise there) which I hope has been sorted now. It will take me a few days to be sure as the warning was intermittent. I hope the timing belt fault is not going to happen every year! Has anyone else had a similar problem?
  2. Titanium Sony Radio

    We have had our 60 reg Titanium since February and the sound quality is fantastic and goes very loud. Be careful you don't knock the memory stick in it's slot as we damaged our stick. Ours is not a DAB version so must have been the last of the old types but to be honest it is pretty good on FM. It even works from my Blackberry with the phone and music wirelessly but the quality is not as good as a memory stick. The low profile tyres make the car more noisy than our previous Skoda Fabia re road noise. Our 96BHP diesel averages 55MPG easily and can go up to 60 MPG on a run. Love all the gadgets such as cruise control, but the car feels a bit tinny when you close the doors...presumably due to its lightness. Enjoy the car and mind your ears when you turn up the sounds!!
  3. Oil Pressure Warning Light On Startup

    We have had the car since early this year, bought from Ford Direct. My local Ford garage will take it back in about two weeks when we come back off holiday. They say they have never seen this fault before on any Fiesta( hence the posting) and are contacting Ford Technical for help.
  4. My 60 registration Fiesta Titanium Diesel ( 5000 miles on the clock)has a fault where the oil presssure warning light stays on for longer than normal on cold engine startup, causing the chime to go off once and a warning to appear for about a second. Oil level is fine , Ford have replaced the oil pressure sensor switch so does anyone have any idea what else may cause this problem? Engine runs well and without a circuit diagram it is hard to tell what else is in the chain between sensor and warning system. I do not think it is serious but if I tried to sell the car it may put someone off buying. Car will go back to Ford for assessmentas it is under Ford Direct warranty, just want to point them in the right direction.
  5. Memory Stick Use On 2010 Fiesta

    All my itunes stuff is from disc so cannot use that option...I have simply re filled my iPod with the discs again in the right format.
  6. Memory Stick Use On 2010 Fiesta

    I like the hard drive idea a lot, as my memory stick is 16Gb which is not quite big enough, but very convenient( the 32GB sticks are too expensive at the moment, but maybe next year). The hard drive may be more tempting to steal though, and may not enjoy being left in the glovebox on a very hot day( if we ever get any in England).
  7. Oil Pressure Warning Light And Chime

    Yes tried that thanks. Oil light and others do not go out until the engine is running. Will ring Ford today for re investigation.
  8. On my 60 registration Titanium diesel ( 95 HP 4000 miles only) on cold start I am getting an oil pressure warning light and chime coming on for one second. It has been checked on the Ford computer and they say all is OK. Has anyone else had this problem? I suspect a faulty oil pressure warning sensor as there is plenty of oil in the engine and it only happens on cold starts. Obviously I will be going back to the Ford garage but just wondered if the problem is known about?
  9. Usb Memory Stick Mp3 Problems

    A possible future( or current) problem came to my mind. The USB socket has a rubber cover. If you leave that off the socket is in a perfect position to collect any dust /dirt/liquids that drop in its direction. It is a bit of a stupid place to put it and should have been somewhere else and a horizontal fitting in my opinion. Leaving the stick in may help prevent rubbish getting down into the socket but may be exposed to being knocked sideways and damaging the connection or stick.
  10. Longer Wiper Blade

    Yes my wife does drive sometimes and I have to complain to her about me not being able to see what she may be about to crash into. Sexist remark.
  11. Longer Wiper Blade

    I have had a reply from wiperblades.co.uk which says they only have a specific kit of two blades for the Fiesta and that they dont recommend fitting any other size as it may foul the A pillar. Sounds like a " we may get sued if we supply a different size" email as my measurements suggest otherwise. No reply from Valeo yet but will let you know when it comes. Interesting post from the driving instructor, shows how it doesnt matter to some people but is very important to others. I don't suppose the other suggestion of slouching in the seat all day would have helped much for you.A good way to get back problems!
  12. Longer Wiper Blade

    I am hoping not to be starting another argument :) but I have just been outside to my car and measured between the end of the wiper arm and the rubber trim of the windscreen seal and the measurement I get is nearly 1.5 inches or just under 4 cms.This would allow an 18 inch blade( up from the 16 inch fitted) to be fitted with a half inch leeway. Obviously I believe your measurement and am wondering if my November 2010 Fiesta has a different design arm/blade from earlier ones? I take the point about a Rain X treatment and have used that a lot on previous cars. For the first couple of months above around 50 mph you could leave the wipers off and the rain just beads upwards to the roof. I found the movement of the rain a bit disturbing though. It is great for the side windows and mirrors though, and possibly the rear screen, depending on the airflow around it.
  13. Longer Wiper Blade

    Yes I take the point and apologise for having a rant , but the point I am trying to make is that I posted here for a reason..... to solve a problem, not to argue. It doesn't help if posters say the post is a waste of space. It may be to them but I am old enough now to realise that life is not black and white and that and that the points of view of others is just as important. Back to the quest. I have found that Valeo make the Ford type wipers and am waiting for a reply from them to see if they can supply an 18 inch matching wiper to try. I measured the gap at the A pillar end and there is over an inch to spare, so hopefully it will fit without fouling. I will report back if anybody is vaguely interested?
  14. Longer Wiper Blade

    Obviously before you left school last year they didn't teach you manners or taste. I suggest you go and fit fluffy dice to your fiesta to complete your image. I hope you don't take the same attitude if your girl/boyfriend/mother passenger complains about not having a clear screen. For the sensible replies, thank you very much. I will take away the information and study potential solutions.