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  1. hi all just another quick one thinking of a decat pipe for my st does any one on here running a decat pipe on there tdci's if so what do they think or what do people think the difference will be as a can get a gw custom 3" mondeo decat st tdci high flow plus flexi for 100 quid made from 304l stainless steel.he says its the biggest power upgrade for the money
  2. hi thanks for reply got cigarette lighter sorted it was fuse f68 checked fuse f80 and still no reverse lights any one no were the switch is located on gearbox or any other help does any one no if there is a relay linked to this being on ford wiki and checked were i think they say there is no relay fitted as in no wires there space empty it is starting to beat me now
  3. H I D Headlights

    hi i just bought a mondeo st tdci on a 55 plate it has a 8000k hid kit in it i was taking to the lad who owned it and put the hid kit in there and he said it was quite easy he did not have to do anything with the headlight washers and a self leveling system as they all work fine just make sure you get the kit for a mondeo they are awesome go for it
  4. hi every one i am new to this forum as i have just bought my first ford tdci i bought a 2005 mondeo st tdci 2.2 which i must say is lovely to drive just noticed a couple of things with it the reverse dont work i have checked the bulbs and they are fine does any one no if there is a fuse just for the reverse lights as i have checked the fuse box behind the glove box as there is a grid on the side of glove box but there is nothing on there to say there is one for reverse lights but i am sure there must be something also the cigarette lighter does not work not sure if these are linked which is a bummer as i need this for my satnav any help or were to look is much appreciated