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  1. I am posting this again aas my initial post doesn't seem to be in the thread, I have checked several times. Had brake pads and discs changed = inital rubbing noise and then juddering (mechanic suggested warped disc, it was so changed) = Same problem. Balancing and tracking all checked. Mechanic wouldn't help so took to a big expensive place said couldn't find a fault (had all the computer for alignment etc on it) Changed pads and discs again and said they greased all relevant things up. Same problem came back, I have always felt it might be the brake calliper cover, another independant mechanic looked it over and could not find fault and said I might be right re the calliper. Friends Vauxhall Corsa had same problem after a tyre change, Vauxhall main dealer diagnosed her calliper cover, issue resolved. Money is a bit tight at present and car is ancient so please could anyone advise would I just need calliper cover, disc and pads for that side or would it be likely that I would need both sides done. Many Thanks.
  2. Hi, Had brake pads and discs replaced on the front, drove down the road odd noise, told mechanic, he said nothing wrong, finally diagnosed warped disc and replaced. Again same problem arose, it got worse and juddering on braking, again not his fault. Tracking and balancing checked no problem. Went to an expensive place, couldn't find anything wrong and checked with alignment computers etc. So replaced discs and pads apparently gave it a good grease up, was ok for a time, then all started again. Took to another independant, I suggested the caliper, they didn't think so, looked it over but nothing wrong. Went in with them for some more work and prolem had gotten worse, still couldn't find anything and suggested brake caliper!!!! Friend with same issue on a Corsa, they took to a main Vauxhall dealer as was determined brake caliper cover, replaced and problem solved. Does this sound about right please? and would I just need the side with issue replacing or both sides? also am assuming I would need pads and disc replacing and again just side with issue or both sides please? Many Thanks
  3. Oooooooo yes get me. it was the coilpack getting a new one fitted tomorrow :D
  4. I have had a starter motor go in a previous vehicle, sometimes it would miss the start and others it made the noise you describe. I had been in a friends car when theirs went so I was quickly able to identify it and it was easily sorted.
  5. Hi, I have posted on another thread 'Tapping' but have since read on another thread and googled the coil pack nd wondered if this could actually be the problem, I am going mad as I rely on my car as I have health issues. I cannot get to speak to my meachanic until tomorrow. It is an old 2000 2.0 petrol estate just cost me a little over £400 in January on the MOT including some tyres discs and pads etc nothing serious. My son took me out in it yesterday andit all seemed fine, he took me to the shops inti this morning and was all fine, he popped out with a friend, came in and then was taking it home and it all started. He noticed a slight sort of tappy noise. he drove down the road for me to hear, then there was a slight sulphery smell and it was definatly making a strange noise, almost juddering while it was idling. He also seemed to think it might have had a slight loss of power. It has on the odd occassion refused to start but this has not been a persistent thing. Any helpful comments for this mad woman would be appreciated, thank you.
  6. Hi Any advice suggestions would be grateful please. My son has been borrowing my car, apparently when he went down the road he felt like the car lost a bit of power. He came into see me and on leaving again, he noticed a slight sort tappy noise. he drove down the road for me to hear then there was a slight sulphery smell and it was definatly making a strange noise, almost juddering. I cannot get to speak to my mechanic until tomorrow but am seriously worrying. In my limited knowledge the only thing I could think of was maybe a head gasket from things I can remember from the past. Though he wasn't sure whether it was getting overly hot!! Many Thanks. Nikki P'S Have just read something on here about coil packs? it has sometimes not wanted to start first turn but this has not been a regular thing but occassionally.
  7. Thanks, I just panic when it is anything to do with the car as I rely on it, I just went to the local shop and had a good listen and I do wonder if the pads are slightly loose and knocking. Will ring garage in the morning, hopefully just an easy tweak and be a ok :-)
  8. Hi, had car mot'd today and had new brakes and discs, all passed all fine whoopeeee relief you would not believe :D, however driving out tonight when I am gently slowing down easing on the brakes from speed all ok, however when I am slowing down at slow speed eg to park or turn a corner there is a funny sort of rubbing knocking sound. I also noticed when I tried applying the brakes when parked there was alot of what sounded like air when pushing the brake pedal with the engine on. When the engine off nothing. Am a little confused, I know brakes need bedding in and to be careful but never had this happen before and now cannot speak to anyone till tomorrow. Any thoughts or knowledge would be grately appreciated. MAny Thanks Nikki
  9. Thank you, yes I am sure they would charge me that much.
  10. Many thanks for your response, yes I have checked the battery terminals for contact and had a good fiddle but still not working am quite sure it is the terminal. Thanks gain. :-)
  11. Hi, I have a very old focus estate and my key fob suddenly stopped working, changed the battery as I have done so before but it still will not work, tested the new batteries in my bathroom scales and they work fine, so am assuming it is the battery terminal. Does anyone know please if it is relativley cheap to get the key sorted or if I would have to purchase a whole new remote key going through getting it registered to the car etc as that would not be an option. Obviously if I go to Ford even to get it looked at I will be looking at alot of money. Many thanks.
  12. Thanks Dez but no joy, who would ever think it would be so hard to replace a side light bulb, not alot of room for manouvre with your hands either and I can't get my long nosed pliers in, think I will just have to get the garage to do it. Many thanks Nikki P.S. Love you dog
  13. Hi I've been trying to change the bulb in my side light (drivers side, focus estate 2000) it said twist it clockwise and pull, simple or so I thought, my son looked at it and found he could twist it ever which way and it still wouldn't come out. I then found 2 little clips on the side compressed those and still can't pull it out, obviously I do not want to pull to hard and break it, especially as my MOT is due. Any advice greatly appreciated. Nikki. If ford ever look at these boards how about leaving some room for people to e able to sensibly get their hands in to change a bulb!!!
  14. Hi, I have bought a 2nd hand focus estate but unfortunately no do gguard with it, does anyone know of anywhere that sells them or equally has one for sale (essex area) or could pay postage depending on expense of courier. Many Thanks Nikki. ;-)
  15. Hi thanks for the info, it did come with a new mot so would if split or failed would that not have been picked up on the mot? think it might be a job for the mechanic to have a look and if anything serious will have to take it back to the trader, blooming nuisance, I always used to be lucky with cars but the last 4 years I have had no luck with them lol, knew I should have trained as a mechanic when I left school!!! Nikki ;-)