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  1. engine management light

    It was the lambda sensor, my local garage has all the diagnostics equipment and confirmed it. Fitted in 10mins and reset the light, all going well now. I checked the wires in the door grommet to see if I could find the problem with the C/L not working on the drivers side. Two wires appear to have been cut rather than damaged, also the alarm control box located in the kick panel is loose this makes me think that there has ben an issue in the past with either the alarm or C/L - anyone else had C/L problems??? Apart from these issues the car is great!!!!
  2. engine management light

    Had the car checked at the local main dealer today. They reckon its the lambda sensor - but they say thats around £100 plus 2 hours labour!! so I won't be going there!! I don't know the full story 'cos my wife took the car in, they seemed to think the PAS fluid was OK but my mate who works for Ford in Portsmouth said it sounds like water contamination and he would get it changed - all the more reason not to go back to the local main dealer. Still find it a strange coincidence that the sensor failed after I cleaned under the bonnet - that will teach me!
  3. engine management light

    Cheers, I'll give them a ring sometime in the week, I'll get them to look at the PAS fluid too.
  4. engine management light

    Cheers Vinny, might just do that - do you have the number?
  5. engine management light

    Thanks for the advice, I went out to the car last night, fired it up and no light! However took it for spin just now and it came back on! - guess I need to get it checked, but can't help thinking I dislodged something or got a bit of moisture in it when i cleaned up the engine bay, as I drove it home 250 miles saturday no problems. I think you are probably right Mintalkin, 'cos if I move the door you can hear the solinoid clicking back and forth. By the way how you finding the mondeo? mines an 02 with 190k on it and apart from a new clutch and flywheel at 175k and the odd problem of the engine going into limp mode once in a blue moon, its really been an excellent car - million times better than my old A3 2.0 tdi company car - that spent half its life at the garage. Its the wifes car Vinny and we live right on the devon/kernow border - at top of the tamar. Anyway thanks again for all your help - I'll keep you posted.
  6. Hi, I'm new to this site, I've just bought a nice Streetka 03 model with 35k on it for the wife, but have a couple of minor issues. I cleaned the engine bay today - no hose, pressure washer or steam cleaning - just a damp cloth to wipe over and a bit of degreaser, sprayed a bit of wd40 about but didn't go mad. Anyway started it up and the management light stayed on!! I've checked to see if anything has been dislodged - all looks OK and it starts and runs fine, I also disconnected the battery for about 5 mins hoping to reset the ECU but the light remains on - any Ideas?? or is it a main dealer job? Central locking doesn't activate on the drivers door when unlocking and sometimes won't lock on the blip either although i do get a slight bleeping noise for about 10 secs after arming/disarming. Do these cars have an alarm and immobiliser? The PAS fluid looks a bit cloudly and excess moisture appears under the cap, so I guess that needs renewing? Apart from that the car is spot-on!!! and If it lasts as well as my 2002 198k Mondeo I'll be more than happy! Sorry for such a long-winded first post but I'm hoping someone out there can shed some light. Thanks.