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  1. Engine Warning Light....

    Mine's a Mk6 1.4 and i have the same issue it says it should be 46mpg and i bearly get 36 if i drive economically. Which is about 330 miles ish, it's the same every week no matter how i drive... They seem to quote very highly on their fuel economy to be fair. I had my warning light come on after i was messing around with it putting my mates cheap temperature senser thing on it (it made it do 10.8 seconds to 60 rather than my usual 12.8) but it later brought on the warning light I was stressing because ford wanted £85 just to look at it (i knew what i was wrong, we had done it!) luckily my beloved fiesta turned the light off itself! =) But i'm not putting that chip in it even if it does make it that much faster!!
  2. Wheel Trim Referb

    Come on people i wanted opinions! =(
  3. Top speed...

    I've hit about 105mph in mine =)
  4. Wheel Trim Referb

    Hi All! I have new alloys on my car now but i have decided i will refurbish my old ones to sell on. I went out and bought some paints etc to referb it. Here is the wheel with just the plastic primer on it I have metallic silver paint, black paint and blue paint that is a similar colour to the blue on the ford logo. Now i have a few ideas: All involve painting the rest of the wheel matallic silver. 1) Just paint the logo blue and make the grooves making the ford logo silver 2) Do the same as 1) but also paint inside the circle blue 3) Do the same as 1) but paint the 6 rectanges next to the holes black 4) Paint the grooves that make up the word ford blue with/without the black Any other ideas are welcome =)
  5. fitting new wheels....help?!

    Hi Fitting new wheels is easy as pie!! You don't need a torque wrench, man power is enough. All you need to do is undo the wheel nuts with a suitible rachet (loosen them a little while the wheels are on the ground then Jack the corner of the car up and undo the nuts and take the wheel off), if you are changing from trims to alloys you will need to make sure u have wheel nuts including lock in ones. Then simply place the wheel onto the bolts and screw the nuts with your hand while holding the wheel in place. Then tighten them while on the jack (but not so you are pulling the car) take it off the Jack and tighten until you can't tighten it anymore. Tracking should be fine as long as the wheels are of similar size. I'm 17 and me and my mates changed the wheels easily, i'm sure you can do it. Hope this helps
  6. Fiesta MK 6 1.25 LX, A/C not working

    I did what it said to do the test and it didn't work =/
  7. Fiesta MK 6 1.25 LX, A/C not working

    I have a 1.4 LX Mk6 with AirCon. I'll have a look what it says when i do the Diagnostic Test on the way to college tomorrow for you. I would do it now but i can't be fussed messing around in the dark looking at the little screen it's on. I'll keep you posted =)
  8. When i changed my wheels i changed from 14 inch trims to 15 inch alloys. The 14s were 175/65/R14 The 15s are 195/50/R15 and they were pretty much the same diameter So i would just look at the size of the tyre so if they are 65s change for 50s, if they are 60 change fore 45s Remember your putting an inch extra into the middle so you need to take away around half an inch to the tyre as it will take it away top and bottom!
  9. Black Racing Stripes

    I want to put the stripes on but i don't know how long i'm going to like them... i can get them for a fiver so it's not exactly breaking the bank even if i only have them on for one summer.
  10. Yh i hit the wheel, i had to repaint it (i had just put new alloys on!!) Yeah it sounds like it's coming from the side i hit. So really it has to be something to do with impact. You think it's the bearing? How much and how easy is that to replace?
  11. It's in time with the speed, it's nothing to do with revs because the noise is the same even if i change gear and it only ever makes the noise above 50mph. It whures loudly and then quietly repeatitivly, it's louder at higher speeds than lower speeds.
  12. Hey all I had a little glancing blow with a wall a little while back, didn't do much visible damage (a few scratchs and a slight dent to the wing) but every since there has been a strange whuring noise when i drive it about 50mph. It's rhythmic in the sense it gets louder and quieter at a continous rate. I reckon its something to do with the drive shaft, i may have knocked it, but i don't know how this would cause this noise. Any ideas what could be the problem and how i could go about fixing it. Thanks Aaron
  13. Black Racing Stripes

    17 year old's cant afford new bumpers lol!!!
  14. Black Racing Stripes

    Yeah but mine has the full black bumper on it, which is why i'm considering black