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  1. Central Locking - Rear Passesnger Door

    So I'm guessing that this wont help if just one door isn't opening. Looks like I'm going to have to get my hands dirty.
  2. Central Locking - Rear Passesnger Door

    I'm having problems with my central locking also, i noticed you mentiond turning the key in the ignition 4 times, what exactly does that do?
  3. Hi Focus owners, The drivers door on my 04 Focus stopped opening completely with the remote, both rear doors and the passenger side will open and close when i press the button just the drivers door requires me to use the key. Closing the doors isn't a problem, when i press the lock button on my remote they all lock. I'm not sure if this means it requires a new servo but it seems odd that it opens when i use the key in the door and not when i use the remote and even stranger that the door locks with the remote. It's done over 100k miles so i supose component wear is very possible. Thanks for reading, any input is appreciated!
  4. Ah i like it, ive been looking all over to find out what adhesive people use for custom decals but most seem to have pre-applied adhesive. Just worried that it might weaken when it gets wet, its not fully peeled off so il use some of that for now.
  5. Im not sure what the correct term for it is, but its the lettering to the left of the registration plate that says "Focus", its recently started to peel from the car as if the adhesive has worn away. Does anyone know what sort of adhesive i can use to stick it back into place? im worried about just using super glue incase it does savage things to my paintwork but if it peels much more itll be left on the side of the road.