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  1. 1.4 ghia loss of acceleration

    Hi, I thought the problem I had previoulsy was fixed by the new plugs, however its still jumpy when cold, and even coughs a little when idling (when scraping the ice off this morning). It is generally OK once warm and does run smoothly, but can jump when changing gear even when warm. I have taken it back to the garage, who say it could be the head gasket going. Could this really be the case? If so any ideas how much it should cost to fix it? Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions
  2. 1.4 ghia loss of acceleration

    Hi, Thanks for your help and suggestions, I have had it checked on the computer and it came up with misfire on cylinder 4, so they have changed the plugs, and it seems OK now, however I have still not tried it from cold. I'm just hoping this has sorted it!!! I cant afford for it to be a more expensive job Thanks :)
  3. 1.4 ghia loss of acceleration

    Thanks :) Yes it is a petrol model and the problems occur mainly when its cold. I start to move and accelerate but nothing, no power at all then it comes back I've even had the enigne management light flashing at me, and it jutters until the engine gets warm. On occasion when it is warm it will be hesitant to accelerate. The engine idles OK and the rev counter seems normal when moving, but havent really noticed when I first start up. I know it does rev then calm down after a second from the sound. I know its not my driving, cause its done it when others have been driving, but will be getting it checked as soon as I can. I just hope its nothing expensive?
  4. Hi I have a 1.4, 53 reg ghia, recently I have started to have problems with a lack of acceleration when the engine is cold, and this is happening regualry. Once over 30 it seems to be better, but can be hesitant to accelerate and jolts when it does. Any ideas as to what may cause this? Thank you very much