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  1. Focus 1999 2.0 Ghia

    I have a 99 Focus 2L Ghia ...yeaterday it developed a fault , when i pulled upto a junction it revved up to 4k revs and didnt drop ...When i got home i noticed the Purge valve pipe had split and was really brittle so got another one today as i thought it would be that ..However again tonight it has done the same thing , However as soon as i depress the clutch pedal the revs drop to near normal ...Thoughts please ???
  2. No Hot Air

    ^^^ This just done the heater valve on my daughters Ka not too expensive either ....easiest way to check is heater valve is located on bulkhead ...check pipe going in and pipe coming out ..if pipe is hot going in and cold the other side then it is the Valve
  3. hi All , i have a Galaxy 2.3 GhiaX on a 1999 T plate , i have a couple of issues with the car ..Im ready to sell it but want to try and sort these faults out ...Can anyone tell me the problem and how easy it is to fix and maybe a rough figure to fix them ..My drivers door lock doesnt work , the key actually got stuck in once ..I have to activate the locks via the Passenger door or Boot ....Also my drivers window doesnt power down either ...I would like these sorting as it is a nice car and would feel it would be easier to sell with everything working ..Thanks
  4. Hello

    Hello ..Im from Lancs ..I currently drive a 99 Ka and a 99 Galaxy Ghia x Am looking to get 2 focus' currently looking at a 2.0 Ghia and a Focus millenium edition
  5. Ford Focus 2.0 Ghia

    Thanks for the advice ..My mate that owns the garage took it in p/x ..i have done him a few favours over the last month or two and he says i can have it for what he gave for it so i am getting it for just over £700 .He has been using it himself since he swapped his Subaru for a new Rally car ..It is Taxed and has 12 Months MOT ..on top he will do the belt so overall i feel i am getting a good deal ...and if i find it doesnt suit me then i can always sell on in the knowledge i wouldnt lose out
  6. Ford Focus 2.0 Ghia

    Thank you for your replies up to now ..i am currently paying approx £250 a yr in Insurance for the Ka and have had a quote of £377 for the focus ..The car has just over 100k on the clock , the belt will be changed if a want the car , it just looks and drives well ..I dont do a lot of miles a year however do some motorway miles every so often and feel the Ka struggles with the higher speed ..As for the MPG i would have thought 35-40mpg for the focus would be good ..Just miss my comforts in the Ka as it is a great little runner however very basic ....Does anyone know if the Focus has a heated front screen ? I have a Galaxy too and that is a Ghia x and that has a heated screen
  7. Ford Focus 2.0 Ghia

    Hi All , Im looking at changing my Ford Ka for a 2.0 Ghia Focus on a 99 plate , the car looks immaculate ..My mate has a garage and he says he will keep it for me if i want it ...It certainly looks and drives lovely but are there any issues to look out for before i buy ? whats the MPG ? good /Bad ? . Thanks Martin